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2 for the price of 1

This year we get two holidays for the price of one on April 1st.

I suppose April Fool’s Day isn’t a true holiday, especially when compared to the importance and holiness of Easter, but I’m going to give you cute ways to celebrate both anyhow.

Today a fun and messy, yet clean, way to color Easter eggs and tomorrow a couple of fun Easter-themed April Fool’s jokes to play on family and friends.

Shaving Cream-Dyed Easter Eggs

  • Hard cooked eggs
  • White vinegar
  • White shaving cream
  • Food coloring
  • Lot of paper towels

Place the eggs in a bowl and pour in enough white vinegar to cover. Let sit for 3 to 4 minutes and then remove eggs from vinegar and set aside. Soaking the cooked eggs in vinegar before dying gives you more vibrant colors. The vinegar may then be poured back into the bottle and used again, no reason to waste it.

Spray the shaving cream into a cake pan or onto a rimmed baking sheet or baking dish. Use a spoon or spatula to press down the shaking cream to make it smooth and dense.

Add 4 or 5 drops of two different colors of food coloring, of your choice, to a small area of the pan.

Then run the tip of a paring knife or a toothpick through the two colors to “marble” the colors together.

[

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March 24, 2018   No Comments

Halloween Pumpkin ideas


I saw two cute pumpkins on social media and I just had to do them both.


For each project, you need to get yourself a nice big pumpkin.


Cut out the tops.


And pull out all those seeds.


Once they’re all cleaned out, you’re ready to go.


The first is the Lazy Man’s Jack-O-Lantern. My friend, Bridget, posted it on Facebook and it is right up my ally!


I always struggle with decided what sort of face I want to make. With this, there’s no thinking involved. Just use a skewer to poke out two little eyes.


Use the same skewer to score out a mouth…


…going deeper and deeper until you’re cutting it out. And that’s all there is to it. I think it’s adorable.


You gotta admit – he’s pretty cute when he’s lit up.


I found cool pumpkin #2 on the HGTV Instagram page. You’ll need your cleaned out pumpkin, a box of wine and some permanent markers for this one.

wine-bag [

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October 30, 2016   4 Comments

Happy 7th Blogiversary to me!

Incredible! This blog is 7 years old! Last year, on the 6th Blogiversary, I was on a “wedding break” so I missed that celebration. That means that this year we need to go all out!

7th blogiversary

As such, there will be Seven Individual Prizes and One Super Cool Grand Prize.

Before I explain how to enter and what exactly it is that you can win – a little history.

figure tape holder

Two and a half years ago, I posted THIS… all about how I cleaned out and reclaimed a large part of the kids’ playroom upstairs as my new craft room. At the time, Connor still lived here, so about half of the room had his stuff in it. Three months after the reclamation, Marissa and Jeff got engaged.



Slowly but surly the room became the dump-room for all things bridal shower, wedding and after-wedding brunch related. In other-words, I trashed it.

dumproom [

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August 16, 2016   16 Comments

spring menu and repurposing shutters

spring menu

Today I have the links for the Spring Reunion Dinner in one place for easy access and ideas for repurposing shutters, including the super simple Spring Shutter sign I made.

Spring Reunion Menu

shutter board

There are so many fabulous projects and crafts that can be done with old discarded shutters. I’ve pinned dozens of ideas on Pinterest. Here is a direct LINK to my “Shutters” board. There are lots of different styles of shutters and tastes to decorate your desired room, you can take a look at West Pier Shutters, and see whether these are the right style to suit your home. They are incredibly impressive, add so much light into any household, making it beautifully lifted and they are also super easy to use. Though, if you have any doubts about your ability to install them, consider that you can fit out your home for around £1,500 ($2,250) through a respectable company. Not a bad price for these results!

spring patio [

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March 9, 2016   1 Comment

you warm my heart <3

thankful for

All y’all sure know how to make a girl feel good!   *I can use that fabulous Texas phrase because I have a daughter who lives in Austin, y’all.

Between the lovely and welcoming comments left here on the blog, the comments and “likes” on Facebook, the personal texts, phone calls and emails – well, I feel the love and it makes me even more energized to be back. Thank you!

So … Thanksgiving is less than a week away and …

[

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November 20, 2015   3 Comments

success and failure

What should I share first? The good or the bad? I think we’ll start with the bad/ugly, that way we’ll end on a good/pretty note.

love book

Even the bad craft starts out pretty…

I do book

I spotted these adorable folded book art pieces in the San Francisco Nordstrom’s Wedding Suite, while dress shopping with Marissa and Kaley, back in November.

heart book

I knew that I wanted to make one for Marissa, so when the theme was set for the shower, this was a no-brainer.

I went online to find out how but since I could not find any step-by-step instructions, I had to wing it.

pencil heart

I found a cool vintage hardback book and decided to go with the easiest design, a heart.


As I folded back the pages, it quickly became evident that this is harder than it looks. Plus, the book I chose was too vintage, the pages were delicate and would tear as I folded.

pages tear

Stupidly, I kept at it far too long. It was very clear that this was not working, long before I threw in the towel.

try again

I grabbed another, not-so-vintage thicker book, and started over.

give up

Then, for obvious reasons, I gave up! My gut feeling is that there must be math involved in this project. No wonder it was too difficult for me … I do not “do” math!

I still wanted Marissa to have a book like this, even if not in time for the shower. So, I have purchased one from a professional folded-book artist from HERE.  I am not going to share which book, since I haven’t given it to her yet, but rest assured, it is pretty!

I had much better results with this next project:

four succulent book planters

My favorite craft/decor item for Marissa’s bridal shower were these succulent book planters! Of course, I found the idea on Pinterest!

[

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May 15, 2015   2 Comments

more book-page crafts and decor

Sloane and I got together on Sunday afternoons for several weeks before Marissa’s bridal shower to make crafts.  It was a fun reason to get together for sister-bonding time.

heart cut outs

We wrapped wine bottles with pages from a large Currier and Ives picture book that I found at Sweet Salvage a couple of years ago. A heart punch was used on the book-pages that were used for the inside of small canning jars.


The same punches were used to make book-page heart confetti.

burlap bow

The bottles were topped off with large burlap bows.

bottles and jars

While the jars were trimmed with twine.  The wine bottles held miniature pink and white roses and the jars were lit up with battery-operated votives. They were then scattered around the buffet, lunch table, bar and dessert credenza.

congrat napkins

We rolled and wrapped white cloth napkins with torn book-pages, tied with bakers-twine and embellished with tiny “congratulations” flags.

rolled napkins

One of the few details that slipped through the cracks that busy morning was making sure that Marissa’s place-setting received the napkin that said “A King and His Queen.”  It makes me wonder if the guest who had that napkin noticed and thought anything about it.

berry-cookie boxes

A few weeks after Valentine’s Day, I was in Micheal’s (I spend a lot of time at Micheal’s and Hobby Lobby!) and found these simple berry baskets on clearance. I scooped them up without an idea in mind about what I would do with them. Once Sloane and I decided on the “Milk & Cookies” dessert idea … they found their purpose. We lined the inside with book-pages and decorated the outside with our heart confetti.

milk cookies

We used stencils, book-pages and a couple of burlap flag-banners from Hobby Lobby to make these.


mrs sandell

It took some time to come up with just how to fit “The Future Mrs. Sandell” on a banner with only twelve flags!

[

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May 14, 2015   1 Comment

invites and table runner

put it together

As I mentioned yesterday, I used the invites to set the theme for Marissa’s Literary Bridal Shower.

invite pieces

I found them HERE on Etsy. The creator of the invites, Kendra, was an absolute joy to work with.

lined envelopes

When I told Kendra that I wanted book-page lined envelopes, she said, ‘No problem.”

card in folder

After she sent me the proof of the layout, I asked if she could you a date-stamp instead of the typewriter for the two dates on the invite. She did not hesitate.

tied folder

Once they arrived and I began addressing and stuffing them, I discovered that she accidentally sent five less than I ordered. I let her know and she cranked them out and I had them in my hands a couple of days later.

so cute

Did I mention that each invite was handmade, one at a time, on a 1970’s typewriter? So cool! I love Etsy!

[

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May 13, 2015   2 Comments

Marissa’s Bridal Shower


After a long hiatus, as promised, the next week will be filled with photos, crafts, recipes and details from my daughter’s beautiful bridal shower. But before I begin, I want to let you know that I’ve missed creating and sharing recipes. I’ve really missed blogging. I’ve missed posting. I’ve missed you! It feels good to be back, even if only for a week.

window hearts

Today will be mostly a pictorial, giving an overview of the party. Tomorrow, the details will begin.

lined envelope

As any good invitation should do, this one set the theme.


Marissa is a voracious reader. She loves books. Her degree is Journalism with a Creative Writing minor, so a literary theme fit her to a tee.

book sleeves

Immediately upon entering, guests were greeted by a table filled with library bookplates with their names on them. The bridal party’s bookplates had a little bling tied to theirs.


A chalkboard sign instructed them what to do with their bookplate. Marissa’s maid-of-honor, Kaley, used her perfect penmanship and artistic flare to create all the chalkboard signs for the shower. Thank you, Kaley!

the table

When guests walked into Barbara Fenzl’s beautiful backyard, this is the table where they had their choice of seats.

[

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May 12, 2015   6 Comments

handmade birthday gifts

As soon as I received the invitation to Zak & Zoey’s First Birthday Party, I began thinking about a unique gift for them.

play pen

I knew they didn’t need more toys, as you can see! This space used to be Steve & Tram’s beautiful formal living room, now turned into a huge play pen. Or as Tram calls, it Romper Room! Kids change your life!

I was searching for something personalized, unique, made just for each of them. There are plenty of things that you can get that are personal for people. For example, these Personalized Photo Wallets could be a great thing for some people for some of the older people in my family. The options are limitless, I have found the craziest things whilst looking around recently. Did you know you can even custom your own bobbleheads – how cool but crazy is that?!

Unfortunately, I don’t think my one-year-olds would care for this.


I turned to Etsy. If you don’t already know about Etsy …”Etsy is a website where you can buy and sell handmade or vintage items, art, supplies and so much more. Etsy is the world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace.”

I typed “1st birthday gifts” into the search bar and began strolling through all the possibilities.

etsy chalkboard

The first thing that caught my eye was this personalized chalkboard sign. I immediately sent an email to Tram asking for the twins’ favorite toys and foods and their first words, heights, weights, etc.

She replied, “Aww, you are SO SWEET!!!! We think alike! I’m actually having Steve work on this chalkboard 1 year mark too. I’m sure it’s similar to what you were thinking! I’m sorry to have spoiled your idea if that’s what it was.”

Darn, back to the drawing board.


Next I spotted the party hats! I could not pass those up and absolutely had to order one for each, but that wasn’t a gift they would be able to open, so I needed something more. During my search I stumbled across some beautiful hand made wooden 21 keys unfortunately not what I was looking for at this time, but I made a note of where they were from as my youngest sister is 21 next year and it’s definitely something she’d treasure for years to come.

etsy scrabble art

Finally, I found this! The best part? I can make this myself! I have a boxful of scrabble letters, I have blue and pink craft paper leftover from Tram’s baby shower and I have glue. All I needed were the shadow boxes.

pile of tiles

If you don’t happen to have extra scrabble tiles lying about and you don’t want to break into your Scrabble game to poach them, they can be easily found online, including on Etsy. Just type “Scrabble tiles” in the search bar and you’ll be amazed by all the options.

[

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March 17, 2015   2 Comments