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a cake made of cheese

Ever since I started this blog, coming up on 7 years now, in August, 2009, there has been one aspect of posting that I’ve been terrible at keeping up on.


It is the task of putting all new recipes over there into the Complete Recipe Index that you see in the left column of the page. It’s not that it is a hard thing to do, it’s just something that I consistently forget to do.

You see, it can’t be done when the post is being written. It can only happen after the post goes live. Therein lies the problem. Once a post goes live, I’m already on to the next post, the next recipe, the next day. Out of sight – out of mind.

get er done

Then, once I’ve gotten far behind, it really does become hard to do and even harder to catch up.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I’m very proud of myself. I am all caught up! I updated the Menu Ideas page while I was at it. And it only took me … three days. Really, I’ve been working on it since Monday morning, off and on, but still, three damn days! I hope you’ll check it out.


The last recipe I entered into the Index was from early March 2014. There have been more than 300 posts since then. It makes me grateful that I took that 7 month’s hiatus for Marissa’s wedding, otherwise that number would have been much higher!

Cheese Layers

Besides getting it done, the upside is that while I was doing all that work, looking over every single post from the last 2+ years, I realized that I never posted about Marissa & Jeff’s Wedding Brunch. This Sunday will be their 6-month anniversary, so I guess this is as good a time as ever.

Here is the sad part. I don’t remember much about the brunch at all! I was in a complete fog and haze. I don’t know what I served or how it was set up.

Ultimate Cheese Cake

I only remember that I had a pretty great Bloody Mary & Mimosa Bar on my cute French buffet on the back patio. There are no photos of it but I do recall that Jonathan Vento was the voluntary master bartender and was whipping out Bloody Marys like nobody’s business.

I remember that the bridal party all the kids’ friends were hanging out on the far east side of the patio and seemed to be having a grand old time.

Cake of Cheese

I distinctly remember that my wonderful friends and family helped me A LOT! I had not slept a wink on the wedding night. I never even put my head on the pillow. I was up cooking and setting up the entire time from when we got home and unloaded from the wedding until my girlfriend, Mary, showed up to help and as others arrived early and pitched in.

I can’t remember even one dish that I served, not one! If any of my family, friends, or Marissa’s friends who were there remember, I’d love to know. Seriously, I would!

And I remember that after all the friends left, and only family remained, I had to excuse myself and go to bed and pass out. I didn’t wake up until hours later, long after everyone had cleaned it all up and left. What a haze it was and still is.

Layered Cheese Cake

But the one thing that I will never forget is this gorgeous Cheese Cake that I assembled for my girl. She had seen something like it on Pinterest – long before her engagement – and she wanted one so bad.

We had thought about having it at the wedding, but the cost was prohibitive. Having a venue or restaurant do this would be crazy expensive. To do it yourself is still not cheap, but totally worth it.

Cheese Cake

Even though I could barely put together a cohesive sentence or keep my eyes open during the brunch, this beautiful presentation and the joy on the many faces, especially my beautiful girl’s face, when they lay their eyes on it – that made the sleepless night seem like nothing.  It was the perfect wedding brunch.

That, I remember.

To make the Cheese Cake: I searched Costco and the “big fancy” Fry’s Grocery for just the right sizes and flavors of cheese rounds. I knew I wanted 5 layers and I knew that Costco would have the best prices. Unfortunately, they only had the smaller rounds and several of them were too close in size, so I only ended up buying the top 2 layers there.

I found the larger rounds for the bottom layers at Fry’s.

test run

I did a test run a few days before and realized I needed something in-between the rounds of cheese, I ended up using Mason jar rings and ramekins to separate the rounds, that way the flowers and greens could be layered in as well.

I used flowers, succulents, and greens from the wedding in the display along with a variety of loaves of bread, crackers, fresh and dried fruits, jams, and chutney.

Cake of Cheese

Crates and lanterns were added as decor around the cart to protect it from accidentally being knocked or pushed over. A side table held the plates and utensils for self-service.

I think it’s one of the prettiest things I’ve ever done. Even though no other photos of the brunch were taken, it’s all good, because this was the star of the morning.

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1 Dave { 04.21.16 at 7:35 PM }

Well, even though though I did the “midnight run” with you and the “sunrise run”, I did get a little sleep, and was able to enjoy what a wonderful job you did and spend some time with the families. Everyone was quite impressed and I’m sure people will be trying to match you for years to come, you are the original and the best!.

2 Marissa { 04.25.16 at 6:56 AM }

Yes, the cheese cake and the brunch were all amazing!!!

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