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love for Half Baked Harvest

Have you heard of Half Baked Harvest? I first discovered Tieghan Gerard on Instagram. I quickly purchased the “Every Day” cookbook, one for me and another for Marissa. I cooked out of it extensively when I was in Chicago that first month after Max was born. “Every Day” is Tieghan’s third cookbook. I have not cooked from “My Barn in the Mountains” or “Super Simple.” But I have tried out several recipes from her blog, including the recipe below.

I made a few adjustments, omissions, and additions to meet my likes and cooking style. You can see the original recipe here to compare.

The first issue for me was the instruction to keep the chicken the in skillet when adding the onion and peppers. Although I was using Marissa’s largest Le Creuset skillet, it just didn’t work. Everything didn’t truly fit into the skillet until the onions and peppers were cooked down, so I instruct to remove the chicken to a bowl. I understand why she wrote it that way, it is called a “one skillet meal” but it isn’t practical. And since there is already a bowl used to make the corn mixture, if you use the same bowl for the chicken to rest in and then to mix the corn in, it is the same number of items to use and clean.

Let’s see, what else… I added garlic, because, it’s garlic! I prefer a mix of Aleppo and Chipotle chili powders to basic chili powder. Oh, and Tieghan calls for mayonnaise as the garnish to be drizzled over the finished dish. That is not appealing to me. Once again, I see where she came up with that. True Mexican Street Corn has mayo, but I prefer sour cream to mayo for the drizzling. If I was to add mayo, I would sub out the yogurt in the corn mixture with mayo for a more authentic taste.

One last thing; although we all thought it was delicious as written, Marissa and I believe it would be even better to lift the chicken along with about half of the pepper/onion mixture, out of the sauce mixture once it is finished cooking, and palce in a separate bowl. Then double the number of tortillas, spread about half as much corn mixture on each, and fill the enchiladas with the chicken/pepper mixture too. (You may need to chop up the chicken strips to make them fit better.) Then place the enchiladas atop the salsa cooking liquid in the skillet, top with cheese, and follow the recipe from that point. Just another option to think about.

Read through my version and hers. Then feel free to mix it up with your preferred variations to make it your own. Enjoy!

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September 22, 2022   2 Comments

grilled pizza

Our family loves grilled pizza. Probably because of our long-standing tradition of grilling pizza before going out to Trick-or-Treat on Halloween. When the kids were growing up, all of their friends came to our house/neighborhood to go out for candy. Back then, purchasing pizza dough wasn’t even on my radar. Now, I’m lazy and simply pick up a package of pizza dough at Trader Joe’s and call it a day. But making fresh dough is fun and easy. The link for my dough can be found here.

In the recipe, I instruct you to place your stretched dough onto a pizza peel that is sprinkled with cornmeal. This makes it easy to slide the dough from the peel to the grill, preventing the dough from sticking. I made this pizza while in Chicago with Marissa. She did not have a pizza peel or cornmeal. So I made do with the back of a round baking sheet and crumbled saltines. By no means perfect or all easy but when you have to make do with what you have…

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September 15, 2022   1 Comment

perfect grilled burger

This recipe goes along with this Tuesday’s Tip for the perfect burger. (Next Tuesday’s Tip will be more grilling tips. Have to keep a good theme going!) Many professional chefs and home cooks agree that Worcestershire sauce is key to a great burger. This is because Worcestershire sauce is effectively an ancient fish sauce (it contains fermented anchovies), so it adds a sort of interesting depth of flavor or that perfect umami that enhances the basic burger to a true classic burger.

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September 8, 2022   No Comments

refreshing shrimp salad

I spent last week in Chicago visiting Marissa, Jeff, and baby Max. This is one of the summer dishes I made for my sweet little family.

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September 1, 2022   No Comments

tropical summer fun

With summer coming to a close, the kids back in school, and the “ber” months quickly approaching, how about a fun, festive, and tropical summer dish?

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August 25, 2022   No Comments

Last freezer meal

This is the final recipe from the freezer meals I made for Marissa and Jeff before I returned home on July 2nd. The good news is that I am going back to visit next week. I can’t wait to get my hands on sweet Max! Here is a list of all nine of the meals I made for the new parents, with links to each of the recipes.

Picadillo Taco Meat

Tuscan Chicken w/Cannellini & Cremini

Chicken Fajitas

Spinach Lasagna w/Mushroom Ragu

Sausage, Poblano & Broccoli Quiche

Chicken & White Bean Chili

Sesame-Carrot Soup

Creamy Celery Soup

Meatballs in Red Sauce

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August 19, 2022   1 Comment

Lisa’s famous…

If you have followed this blog for long, maybe as long as *thirteen years, then you may remember Amy’s Famous Taco Soup. I posted that wonderfully easy recipe on November 3, 2009, during year one of this blog. Just like Amy, Lisa is a long-time dear friend and a former neighbor in Equestrian Manor. And just as with Amy, Lisa has a recipe that is a family favorite. Lisa has been making this pasta dish several times a month for the last 20 years for her family. They request it often, and she is always happy to oblige. Lisa recalls that she adapted what was to be a pizza topping into a pasta dish. Excellent decision!

Lisa made it for me when I had the pleasure of going to the family cabin outside of Prescott this past weekend. The sunset photos are from that beautiful and magical place. Thank you, Gordon and Lisa, for inviting me, and thank you, Lisa, for agreeing to let me share this gem of a recipe!

*Today marks 13 years since the first post here at LesPetitesGourmettes.com. In the past, I’ve made a big deal about my Blogiverasary. That doesn’t feel appropriate this year since there have been many gaps, a few very long gaps, especially in the last several years. Yet, this is the 2,084th post. So, all in all, not too shabby. Thanks for hanging in there through it all!

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August 16, 2022   4 Comments

Lasagna is a must

Are you even making freezer meals if you don’t make at least one style of lasagna? I think not. Jeff is a true carnivore. Marissa is a former pescatarian. She eats meat now, but in limited quantities, so I decided a vegetarian lasagna would be a nice touch since many of the other freezer meals I made included meat.

Unfortunately, I did not take even one photo of the lasagna, all I have are screenshots taken from videos I shared on Instagram. So please forgive the seriously awful pics! As biased as I am, I feel as though the photo above makes up for all of it. <3

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August 13, 2022   1 Comment

Michelin Man Max plus a stew

Yes, if you’re thinking this is now a baby and recipe blog, you are right. I can’t help but share this photo of Max in his new sleep suit. Swaddling is now done with, the suit is what is now the cat’s pajamas! Plus, he is adorable in it. I fly back to Chicago to see Max and his sweet mama in two weeks, I seriously can’t wait to get my hands on him!

Today’s recipe is the epitome of dump and cook. A package of chicken thighs, a package of mushrooms, a bell pepper, open a couple of cans, dump, season it up, freeze, thaw, cook and you’re done!

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August 10, 2022   1 Comment

Freezer Fajitas

The remaining freezer meals I made for Marissa and Jeff only have one photo, which I took to use on Instagram stories while I was there. Hopefully, that will be enough to entice you to give at least a couple of them a try. I’ll start with this one that was so easy and quick that I only needed 1 bowl and a microwave to prep.

A little bonus today; photos of sweet Max who turned 2 months old on August 1st. He fills my heart with so much love and joy!

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August 3, 2022   4 Comments