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Happy 7th Blogiversary to me!

Incredible! This blog is 7 years old! Last year, on the 6th Blogiversary, I was on a “wedding break” so I missed that celebration. That means that this year we need to go all out!

7th blogiversary

As such, there will be Seven Individual Prizes and One Super Cool Grand Prize.

Before I explain how to enter and what exactly it is that you can win – a little history.

figure tape holder

Two and a half years ago, I posted THIS… all about how I cleaned out and reclaimed a large part of the kids’ playroom upstairs as my new craft room. At the time, Connor still lived here, so about half of the room had his stuff in it. Three months after the reclamation, Marissa and Jeff got engaged.



Slowly but surely the room became the dump-room for all things bridal shower, wedding, and after-wedding brunch related. In other words, I trashed it.


Connor moved out more than 9 months ago and Marissa has been married for nearly 10 months. During that time, I ignored the room, shutting the doors and pretending like the massive mess up there didn’t exist. I promised myself that this summer when it was too hot to do anything outside, I would attack it.

patriotic daybed

I have fulfilled that promise to myself during the Olympics. I set the upstairs TiVo to record every minute of Olympic coverage. Then each day, as I cheer on the USA, I clean and organize, We’ve both been very successful! The patriotic daybed is proof of that!

cat helpers

This week, as the USA continues to rack up Gold, Silver, and Bronze, the cats and I will continue until the job is done.

That brings me to another massive clean-up I undertook just days before Marissa’s wedding.

messy cookbooks

In the background of the photo above are the cookbook shelves in our breakfast room. I had hated the way they looked for years! Books stacked upon books that were shoved behind more books. I could not stand to look at them for one more day, so four days before I hosted the day-after wedding brunch, Connor helped me tackle the shelves.

cookbook shelves

We removed all the book jackets and organized the books by color.


white cookbooks

I could not be happier with the way they look now. The vast majority of the books were moved upstairs into what was now lovingly known as the aforementioned dump room.

You may ask, “What does all this have to do with the giveaway?” Well, now that you’re caught up on the history, the Seven Individual Prizes will make sense.


The Seven Individual Prizes can be found in the dump room, inside this armoire.

packed with cookbooks

I call it my Overflow Cookbook Armoire.

too many



Each of the Seven Individual Prize Winners will receive a stack of 7 cookbooks from the armoire. That’s right – I’ll be giving away a total of 49 cookbooks!


To have a chance at those, all you need to do is leave a comment, with your favorite Les Petites Gourmettes blog post from the last seven years. It can be a recipe, a craft, a party theme, a Friday Funnies post, whatever.  (That reminds me, I need to bring back the Friday Funnies!)

so many

Those entries will be put in an empty saucepan and the seven winners will be drawn on Thursday, August 18, 2016 (only 2 days from now!) by Two Very Special Guests. I will videotape the drawing and post the video and the results on Friday, August 19th.

grand prize

NOW, let’s talk about the GRAND PRIZE.

To have a chance at the Grand Prize, you just need to leave me a comment here, telling me your all-time favorite recipe. NOT a recipe from this blog, but your favorite recipe. It can be a holiday recipe, a favorite go-to dish, one you clipped from a magazine or pinned on Pinterest. It can be easy-peasy, ultra-gourmet, passed down to you by your grandmother, or one you created yourself.

All I need is the name of the recipe and why you love it so much. I’ll take all those entries, drop them into another empty saucepan, and on Thursday, August 18th (just two days from now!) the Grand Prize Winner will be drawn.

VIP Guest blogger

The Grand Prize Winner will be my VIP GUEST BLOGGER for a day. When it is mutually agreeable, I will buy the ingredients for the winner’s recipe, and said the winner will come to my kitchen and we will cook (or God-forbidding, bake) their favorite recipe together. I’ll photograph the process and post the recipe along with a photo of the winner. We will have a blast!

If, the winner is someone from out-of-town, who will not be visiting Arizona anytime soon, she/he can decide if they would like to make the recipe themselves and send me the recipe and photos or if they would like to send me a photo of themselves and I make the dish and post it along with photos of the process.

Either way, the Grand Prize is YOUR RECIPE here on the bog and you as my VIP GUEST BLOGGER.

Deadline and Details


Leave a comment with your favorite recipe (not from this blog) to have a chance to win and be my Guest Blogger.


Leave a comment with your favorite post from this blog from the past 7 years to have a chance to win a Stack of Seven Cookbooks from the “Overflow Cookbook Armoire”

  1. All eligible entries/comments must be posted by 8:00 a.m. PST on Thursday, August 18, 2016.
  2. You may enter to win both the Grand Prize (by leaving a comment with your favorite recipe) and one of the Individual Prizes (by leaving a comment with your favorite post from this blog). There is a chance that one person could win both the Grand Prize and one of the Individual Prizes. Only one entry in each of the two categories of prizes though.
  3. All eight winners will be announced (along with an accompanying prize-drawing video) in the Friday, August 19, 2016 post.
  4. I will personally deliver the cookbook prizes to you if you are local. I will mail them to you if you are not.

Good Luck!













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1 Amy { 08.16.16 at 6:42 AM }

My favorite post (one of many, hard to choose just one!) is the French themed baby shower that you helped me put together here on my patio 4 years ago… It was so much fun and the pictures were great! Oh, and that baby, Mia, is turning 4 next week!!


2 Amy { 08.16.16 at 6:45 AM }

My “go to”, favorite easy recipe is called Patio Shrimp

3 Marissa { 08.16.16 at 7:30 AM }

My favorite post/recipe is my lemon curd roll cake a.k.a. my favorite food 🙂 But I also really love all my bridal shower posts too!


4 Nancy { 08.16.16 at 8:26 AM }

Happy 7th Anniversary! I love so many of your posts but my favorite was the 12/31/12 New Years’ Tablescape! Your creativity and attention to detail is amazing. Keep on Blogging!

5 Nancy { 08.16.16 at 8:30 AM }

My favorite “go to” recipe is a family favorite…Chile Relleno Casserole. We get together on Christmas eve for a family dinner and after the clean up is complete, all the gals gather in the kitchen to make breakfast for the next morning. It’s an easy recipe (which is great because wine is involved that evening) and it just sits overnight and we bake it the next day. There are never any leftovers! I think my Mom got the recipe from a church cookbook.

6 Peggy { 08.16.16 at 9:01 AM }

My favorite all time post is when you so thoughtfully wrote about my son Joey on January 5, 2013. The blog that day filled me with so many emotions. Sadness of course. But overshadowed with: Pride in Joey and the person he was and how he so positively affected those around him. Especially his siblings. Thankfulness at the 18 years we had with him. And overwhelmed with gratitude to Linda for memorializing him in such a beautiful way. Thank you for being there for me during the hardest time of my life and for being the best friend a person could ever hope for. https://lespetitesgourmettes.com/recipes/a-recipe-for-love-and-healing/

7 Barbara Fenzl { 08.16.16 at 9:08 AM }

Happy Anniversary! Don’t know how you do it, but I’m glad you do. Your posts are such fun to read. Love you –

8 Bonnie { 08.16.16 at 9:09 AM }

I look forward to your posts! What a great way to start a day!
It is hard to choose a favorite blog recipe since all are so wonderful but easy to choose a travel post! Oberammergau….I was reminded of the magical time we had there on a family adventure.

9 Laura Mackey { 08.16.16 at 11:56 AM }

Loved your cross country posts moving Marissa. It was nice to see how fun each stop was along the way.

10 Amy G { 08.16.16 at 6:31 PM }

Recipe favorite….Southwestern Stuffed Flank Steak!
Served with black beans and rice…..YUM!!!

11 Amy G { 08.16.16 at 6:43 PM }

Favorite Post…love the June 2016 post of the Watermelon Crawl!
Loved the recipe, the pic of the girls sipping away, and the video!!!

12 kim howard { 08.16.16 at 7:23 PM }

Happy 7th Anniversary. Where did the time go? I wake up in the morning and look forward to your post everyday. You make me smile each and every day. Congratulations! Cheers to 7 more years.

13 Michelle { 08.16.16 at 8:44 PM }

This was my favorite because, well…who doesn’t love cheese? But really because it showed how much you love Marissa and Jeff and how hard you worked to make not only the wedding perfect, but also the brunch the next day. Oh…and I love, love, loved how you were able to beautifully repurpose the flowers from the wedding! 🙂 You are a rockstar! Happy Blogiversary!!

14 Kelly { 08.16.16 at 10:05 PM }

Happy Happy 7 years! You are still the only blog I don’t miss! Look forward to the next 7! XO

15 Sheila { 08.17.16 at 3:59 PM }

Anything you make is my favorite! Happy Anniversary and looking forward to many more! One of my favorite recipes of yours is not within the last seven years, but one I go to whenever I want an easy but impressive dinner- Walnut Crusted Chicken Breasts. But the all time favorite is your Breakfast Pizza with rosemary sausage topped with sunny-side up eggs! In fact, Grady asked me to put this recipe in ‘his cookbook’ and he made it just last weekend while watching my pooches. Happy Blogiversary!

16 Tram Mai { 08.19.16 at 8:35 AM }

I know I am late to the game on this #BlameOlympics, but I wanted to wish you congratulations on this huge 7th anniversary milestone first of all. Secondly, my favorite recipe (among many!!!) is the Roasted Crab and Garlic Noodles you created from scratch in honor of our last show together on Valley Dish. That has so much sentimental value to me after all these years… So much heart and thought went into that. Love you Linda!! Cheers to more delicious dishes and entertaining blogs!!!

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