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We Made It!


I’ll start with that for Day Four of our road trip, we made it! The title above is the hashtag that Marissa and I have used for our Facebook and Instagram photos of the trip.

Most of the same photos have been used here, but if you want to check them out, feel free.

On Sunday, we once again met in the lobby of a hotel for breakfast, this time it was a Hampton Inn instead of a Great Western, but the complimentary breakfast was basically the same.

We were on the road by 7:00 AM, Dave, and Jeff in the truck, pulling the trailer, while Marissa and I drove Jeff’s car.


Except for the damn dense fog for the majority of the day, it was a great drive. Plus, driving in fog with the light of day is so much better than driving in heavy fog in the black of night!


Our favorite part of the drive was Fredericksburg, TX! Thankfully, there was no fog in Fredericksburg, I would have hated to miss seeing this adorably quaint and beautiful town! Marissa and I already have plans for a day trip or overnighter, on my next visit.


It’s in the Hill Country Wine region of the state. The area is referred to as Tuscany of Texas, or at least we saw one sign proclaiming it to be so!


We were on a mission to get to Austin, so we didn’t stop, but it was tempting!


I can’t wait to get back there!

food trucks

Marissa and I arrived at the apartment first and unloaded Jeff’s car. While waiting for the boys to drop off the trailer at Penske and arrive with the truck and Marissa’s car, we ate lunch from one of the food trucks at The Picnic. The Picnic is Austin’s premier food trailer park on Barton Springs Road, just steps away from their apartment and across from Zilker Metropolitan Park.


As Jeff was backing up the truck, I noticed something on the bumper. His sunglasses! He’d driven several miles from Penske, through the streets of Austin, with his sunglasses on the bumper! We could not believe they made the trip without falling off and being crushed by passing cars.

jeff the moving man

Then the real work began. It was actually easier moving all their worldly possessions into the new place than it was moving them out of the old place. An elevator and two dollies, instead of stairs and pure manpower, make a world of difference.

moving in

Once we had it all unloaded and up in the apartment, the boys took back the truck, and Marissa and I put it together and made up the bed. Then we began unpacking the kitchen boxes.


Upon the boys’ return, we opened a bottle of champagne, ordered pizza, and finally relaxed with each other, complimenting ourselves on a great trip!

sunday paper

Dave and I checked into the Hotel Ella, near the state capital, where I picked up the Sunday edition of the Austin American-Statesman. A commemorative newspaper for my daughter and her fiancé … for the day they moved to Austin, TX.

It is now Monday morning and I just returned from taking Dave to the airport. It’s tax season and he’s got piles of work to do. I’ll stay on for a couple more days and help unpack and organize.

Thanks for following along on our journey, and for all your well-wishes along the way! xoxo

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1 Pat Hopkins { 03.02.15 at 1:10 PM }

I really enjoyed following your trip and so glad you made it safely. I’m anxious to see pictures of the new apartment, which I hope might be forthcoming. For two weeks I’ve been fighting with Charter, because I can’t send e-mails & receiving them is sporadic. I’ve talked with their techs 3 X and Microsoft 1X with no results & took it to my tech & she couldn’t solve it–says it’s definitely Charter’s problem. I’m so frustrated! Love, Mom

2 Laura { 03.02.15 at 6:09 PM }

Congratulations! Glad you made it to beautiful Austin! We have always loved the Hill Country of Texas and although I’d be fine if I never go there again, we have a special place in our hearts for Ft. Stockton (having made that trip a few times ourselves). Enjoy your time there and HEY…Keep Austin Weird!

3 Marissa { 03.03.15 at 9:19 AM }

So happy we made it! And once I recover from driving so much, can’t wait to go back to Fredericksburg!

4 Jan { 03.04.15 at 1:46 PM }

My daughter, Allyson, and I just returned from spending the weekend in Austin! If you have a chance there were two (actually three counting the foodtruck) restaurants that we had amazing meals. Uchi is a sushi restaurant that is a cut above Shin Bay. We didn’t have reservations and on a Friday night we had to wait 1:40″ for a table but truly worth the wait. The next night we had dinner at Perla which has the most amazing selection of oysters. We split oysters, the beet salad and the most amazing shells with lobster – still dreaming about that meal.
Have safe travel home!

5 Linda Hopkins { 03.04.15 at 4:42 PM }

Jan, Sounds great! Actually, Scott and Amy dropped by when we were packing up some additional items into the truck during a brief overnight in Scottsdale, and Scott told us about Uchi. He said it was the best sushi in the country… and since he was co-founder of RA Suchi, he should know! We will definitely check out Uchi and Perla when I return for my next visit. Thanks for recommendations. BTW, which food truck do you try?

6 Jan { 03.05.15 at 1:26 PM }

The food truck is in a place called Trailer Park Food (Eatery?).
There are 4-6 other trucks there and we went to try the taco truck called Torchy’s. We ordered 4 different ones, all were really good but the Mr. Orange (blackened salmon) was my favorite. We ordered them “trashy”
and with avocado – it was a great lunch and memory!

7 Linda Hopkins { 03.12.15 at 9:48 AM }

Thanks Jan, I can’t wait to try your suggestions on my next trip! xoxo

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