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more book-page crafts and decor

Sloane and I got together on Sunday afternoons for several weeks before Marissa’s bridal shower to make crafts.  It was a fun reason to get together for sister-bonding time.

heart cut outs

We wrapped wine bottles with pages from a large Currier and Ives picture book that I found at Sweet Salvage a couple of years ago. A heart punch was used on the book pages that were used for the inside of small canning jars.


The same punches were used to make book-page heart confetti.

burlap bow

The bottles were topped off with large burlap bows.

bottles and jars

While the jars were trimmed with twine.  The wine bottles held miniature pink and white roses and the jars were lit up with battery-operated votives. They were then scattered around the buffet, lunch table, bar, and dessert credenza.

congrat napkins

We rolled and wrapped white cloth napkins with torn book pages, tied with baker’s twine and embellished with tiny “congratulations” flags.

rolled napkins

One of the few details that slipped through the cracks that busy morning was making sure that Marissa’s place-setting received the napkin that said “A King and His Queen.”  It makes me wonder if the guest who had that napkin noticed and thought anything about it.

berry-cookie boxes

A few weeks after Valentine’s Day, I was in Micheal’s (I spend a lot of time at Micheal’s and Hobby Lobby!) and found these simple berry baskets on clearance. I scooped them up without an idea in mind about what I would do with them. Once Sloane and I decided on the “Milk & Cookies” dessert idea … they found their purpose. We lined the inside with book pages and decorated the outside with our heart confetti.

milk cookies

We used stencils, book pages, and a couple of burlap flag banners from Hobby Lobby to make these.


mrs sandell

It took some time to come up with just how to fit “The Future Mrs. Sandell” on a banner with only twelve flags!

Of course, not only book pages but also books themselves played a large part in the decor.

book stack

We took the dust covers off of interesting-looking books, tied them with twine, and added a little bling. There were 8 or 10 of these book stacks scattered around.

book dome

Smaller books were highlighted in cloches.

cloche books

It took some searching at Goodwill to find cool-looking books small enough to work.

paper roses

Then there were these gorgeous beauties that Julie worked on for weeks! LOVE!

book plates

I found the library bookplates and the French Dewey Decimal classification cards on Etsy.com.

book sleeves

The day after we decided on the Literary theme, I was at Hobby Lobby, picking out these letters and numbers.

modge podge

Every free minute for days-on-end was spent using book pages and Mod Podge to make these.

lunch table

They were to be the focal point of the lunch table.


I honestly thought I could whip them out in a few hours…

the date

I was wrong! Although it doesn’t take any skill to cover 9 letters and numbers with paper, it does take a very long time and a lot of patience!

flower plate

For the large book-page flowers, you only need a paper plate, glue sticks, flower petal-shaped book pages, and sewing patterns or tissue paper.

flower art

They come together in a matter of minutes and make a large impact!

the table

Come back tomorrow to see my absolute favorite book-decor project plus my complete fail at another.


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1 sloane { 05.14.15 at 7:38 PM }

I loved every moment we had making this event special!

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