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spring menu and repurposing shutters

spring menu

Today I have the links for the Spring Reunion Dinner in one place for easy access and ideas for repurposing shutters, including the super simple Spring Shutter sign I made.

Spring Reunion Menu

shutter board

There are so many fabulous projects and crafts that can be done with old discarded shutters. I’ve pinned dozens of ideas on Pinterest. Here is a direct LINK to my “Shutters” board. There are lots of different styles of shutters and tastes to decorate your desired room, you can take a look at West Pier Shutters, and see whether these are the right style to suit your home. They are incredibly impressive, add so much light into any household, making it beautifully lifted and they are also super easy to use.

spring patio

shutter pic

I found 2 sets of shutters at Goodwill for only $12.99 a set, or $6.50 each.

As for the Shutter Sign itself – there isn’t much to this craft:

  1. Find an old shutter
  2. Purchase a variety of letters at a craft store (mine came from Michael’s)
  3. Use nails to hang the letters on the shutter
  4. All Done!


This was my favorite letter.


The “S” was moss covered foam. It was the only letter that didn’t have a hanger on the back, so I just hammered in the nail and then pushed the foam letter into the nail.

dot your i's

The cute little flower had a magnet on the back, so once again I hammered in a nail and the flower stuck right to it.

spring sign

While I was buying the letters, I picked up a the rest of the letters I’d need (u, m, m, and e) to switch it from “spring” to “summer.” Which is coming quicker than I wish it would! This project was created using old shutters, therefore I will be visiting shuttercraft-bedford.co.uk to see whether they stock any shutters that fit the style of my bathroom!

Until then… Happy Spring!

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1 Marissa { 03.09.16 at 8:47 AM }

Such a cute sign!!

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