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spring menu and repurposing shutters

spring menu

Today I have the links for the Spring Reunion Dinner in one place for easy access and ideas for repurposing shutters, including the super simple Spring Shutter sign I made.

Spring Reunion Menu

shutter board

There are so many fabulous projects and crafts that can be done with old discarded shutters. I’ve pinned dozens of ideas on Pinterest. Here is a direct LINK to my “Shutters” board.

spring patio

shutter pic

I found 2 sets of shutters at Goodwill for only $12.99 a set, or $6.50 each. I’m not sure who actually buys shutters from Goodwill since they need to be such a specific size.

As for the Shutter Sign itself – there isn’t much to this craft:

  1. Find an old shutter
  2. Purchase a variety of letters at a craft store (mine came from Michael’s)
  3. Use nails to hang the letters on the shutter
  4. All Done!


This was my favorite letter.


The “S” was moss-covered foam. It was the only letter that didn’t have a hanger on the back, so I just hammered in the nail and then pushed the foam letter into the nail.

dot your i's

The cute little flower had a magnet on the back, so once again I hammered in a nail and the flower stuck right to it.

spring sign

While I was buying the letters, I picked up the rest of the letters I’d need (u, m, m, and e) to switch it from “spring” to “summer.” Which is coming quicker than I wish it would!

Until then… Happy Spring!

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1 Marissa { 03.09.16 at 8:47 AM }

Such a cute sign!!

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