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Peggy, Shelia, and I went to Sweet Salvage yesterday morning and something super exciting happened to me!

I had the privilege of meeting one of my styling/lifestyle/blogging heroes who is an editor and photographer!
I know!
It was awesome!

I’d read the night before, on Facebook, that she would be there – so I went to her blog and left a comment that I was one of her stalkers fans and was excited at the possibility of meeting her.

And then it actually happened!

Peggy and I got there about 45 minutes before the doors opened. We were holding a space in line for Sheila, who was coming separately. Peggy went to the car to deposit our coats and scarves, as it was warming up while we waited.


There is a sidewalk that runs alongside the store and is adjacent to the parking lot.  As I was standing there on that sidewalk, I see this woman get in the car that is right in front of me. I think, “What kind of crazy person would leave and give up that great parking spot now, only minutes before the doors open?”  I look closer and lo and behold, it is her!

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January 18, 2013   4 Comments