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Posts from — October 2010

Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2010   No Comments

merci beaucoup

October 30, 2010   1 Comment

party chili

If you’re looking for an easy and fun thing to feed the kids before they head out trick-or-treating this weekend, or a different way to serve chili to the gang hanging out in your den watching football this season, I’ve got just the thing. Bread bowls filled with steaming hot chili. Use this recipe, your family favorite, or even canned chili that you’ve zipped up with a bit of sautéed onion and garlic. Whatever you decide, individual and edible bowls are always a hit.

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Laura and more birthday pics

My gorgeous friend forever, Laura, and me – Happy birthday to YOU!

Before I get to the details of the surprise party mentioned in yesterday’s post; I want to send birthday wishes to my dearest friend, Laura Heffron. Laura and I (pictured above) have been friends since high school, when we discovered our birthdays were only one day apart, added together, we have been alive for 100 years!  Laura was my maid-of-honor 25 years ago and is Marissa’s godmother. I was a bridesmaid at her wedding and am godmother to 2 of her 3 sons. Happy Birthday, Laura! I love you!

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October 28, 2010   1 Comment

birthday break

Today is my birthday. Normally I wouldn’t make a special note of it (yeah, right!) but today is a big one. I’ll let you figure it out from the picture above. It’s already been a week-long celebration. My sweet sister, Sloane, took me out to a very special dinner at Elements at The Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain.

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October 27, 2010   7 Comments

Halloween Treat #2

These little pigs-in-a-blanket, dressed up as Halloween mummies, will disappear before you eyes!

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October 26, 2010   5 Comments

2 days of Halloween Treats

When we visited Connor in Flagstaff last weekend, of course, we made a couple of the required trips to Target to load him up with the “necessities.” On the first trip through the doors, I stopped at the $1 bins and spotted a little Pillsbury cookbook called Halloween Fun. The recipes for today and tomorrow’s posts are directly from the booklet, they are just too cute and easy not to share!

The decorations needed for the eyes of the owls are the Brache’s candy stars that I always used to see hanging on the pegs at every grocery store around. I visited Fry’s and they no longer carry Brache’s, only their store brand of “Brache’s” candies and there were no stars. I went to Safeway and although they still carry Brache’s, no stars there either. Finally, I went to Walgreens, feeling 100% confident they would have the disappearing stars… no!!! What’s up with that? I was forced to whip up my own chocolate frosting (or you could purchase a ready-made can) and pipe on the eyes using a pastry bag and a star tip.

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I call these A++ BLT Biscuits because we have both avocado and arugula. No actual lettuce to be seen. Although we need the “T” because if I was to call them BAT, no one would know what I was talking about… but say BLT, and it brings a smile to almost every face! My plan was to serve these as an appetizer at a party I had last Friday. As the time approached and I still hadn’t cleaned the house or even taken a shower… this was the recipe that was sacrificed. I replaced it with something I had in my freezer but I still have all the purchased ingredients in my fridge.  What to do? Make the biscuits sandwich size instead of appetizer size and serve them for dinner to Dave and Marissa. Perfect, and both of them had smiling faces and tummies! Click on the chipotle mayonnaise below and it will take you to a previous post with the directions to make it. Lastly, I don’t know if my gorgeous niece, Raina, reads this blog… but even if not, I send out a huge Happy 25th Birthday to you, Raina! xoxo

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October 23, 2010   2 Comments

more squash

Finally! For two nights now we have had our windows open. The first evening we could hear the falling rain, all night long. Joy! Although the word from the weatherman is that it’ll be back up in the mid to high 80’s next week, we’re just enjoying it while we can. On that note, the winter squash dish yesterday made me crave more of the same. Today, instead of the exotic Red Kuri squash, we’ll go a little more traditional and work with the super fun spaghetti squash. Although the spaghetti-like strands of squash taste nothing like pasta, it’s a tasty and healthier way to “feel” like you’re eating pasta…

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October 22, 2010   1 Comment

Red Kuri

My dear friend, Kim Howard, brought me a wonderful gift a few nights ago when she came over for a little party I had. From one cook to another, a gift of a pretty squash is just the most perfect gift. Kim found the red Kuri squash at Whole Foods. She correctly knew that I would love to try something new and then share it here, with you. Thank you, Kim, love you!

Red Kuri squash has a delicate chestnut flavor and is smooth and creamy. Like pumpkin, Kuri is perfect for both savory and sweet dishes. It is thick-skinned, brightly colored a red-orange, and has the appearance of an oblong pumpkin without the ridges. It is available year-round and can be baked, braised, pureed, or steamed. Served as a side dish, soup, or even dessert. Red Kuri is a good source of fiber. It also provides vitamin A and vitamin C, some of the B vitamins, calcium, potassium, iron, riboflavin, and thiamine. Low in calories and sodium, this deep-colored squash also contains beta-carotene.

When you see the name of the recipe, you may ask yourself, “What is a mélange?”  Mélange is a synonym for stew, you see, both Marissa and I have a nasty image in our heads when we hear the name “stew”, so I went a bit French on you and change the name. It sounds so much more gourmet, doesn’t it?! [Read more →]

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