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birthday break

Today is my birthday. Normally I wouldn’t make a special note of it (yeah, right!) but today is a big one. I’ll let you figure it out from the picture above. It’s already been a week-long celebration. My sweet sister, Sloane, took me out to a very special dinner at Elements at The Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain.

Chef Beau MacMillan created a stupendous tasting menu for us and then took us on a private tour of the newly remodeled and fabulous kitchen.

We started with tuna tartar tower, and then a truffle risotto in a mini-roasted pumpkin, followed by a foie gras mousse. Next, guinea hen stuffed ravioli topped with a huge sea scallop.

We were beyond stuffed at that point, but he wasn’t finished. Next, a thinly sliced duck breast laying on a bed of quinoa. Of course, every dish was drizzled with out-of-this-world sauces… rich as could be. A “Birthday” dessert plate was brought out at the end, needless to say, it had to be packaged up and taken home! It was the perfect evening!

Thank you, darling sister, I adore you!

… to be continued… tomorrow – pictures from a surprise party thrown for me, by my BFF’s – Peggy and Anne, my sister, Sloane, and, Dave…

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1 Sharon { 10.27.10 at 6:13 PM }

Happy Birthday Linda! Enjoy your special day. You are loved by many people.

2 Debbie Blomme { 10.28.10 at 6:00 AM }

Happy Birthday Linda! I hope you have the best birthday ever!!!

3 Emily M { 10.28.10 at 8:48 AM }

Happy Birthday!

4 Carol { 10.28.10 at 10:17 AM }

Happy Birthday! Here’s to a great year ahead for you!

5 Ronnie Jaap { 10.28.10 at 12:17 PM }

Happy Birthday! You will be missed this weekend. Enjoy your time away!

6 Anne { 10.28.10 at 2:05 PM }

Hi Linda!! Well, a day late, but I sure wanted to send some more LOVE your way and let you know I was thinking of you! I do hope your birthday was extraordinary this year and I especially hope you are already relaxing and enjoying some down time! Can’t wait to see you again! Hugs & Kissssses! p.s. that dinner at Sanctuary looked amazing! Glad you were treated to such a special night! OH…and I had another friend request info about your BLOG…we are SO lucky you started this! 🙂

7 sloane { 11.14.10 at 11:26 AM }

OK so I just saw this blog…I have had no time to catch up on it, I am sorry! I Love you too big sister!

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