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Posts from — January 2023

Christmas Potluck Recipe 11

Lisa made these fluffy triangles of goodness. The adjustment I’m going to make to these is the exact opposite of the adjustment I made to the recipe, also using puff pastry, that Kim made in the last post. For Kim’s puff pastry, I adjusted the recipe to make half as many because they were too small and for this recipe, we’re going to make twice as many because these were honestly, too big for an appetizer party. Perfect size for a lunch dish though, if you want to make the original recipe and go that route.

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Christmas Potluck Recipe 10

Kim took on this recipe and the word on the street was that she didn’t really like it. I have yet to ask her what is what she didn’t like about it, but my read on it is that the resulting “bite” was too small. When an appetizer is too small, it can be tedious to make and deal with and not give the flavor punch you’re hoping for when you eat it. The original recipe calls for one sheet of puff pastry to be cut into 25 pieces. That made each pastry puff about the size of your thumb. I’ve changed the recipe to use both sheets of puff pastry that come in a package and cut into 12 rectangles each, resulting in less tedious work of topping them and a bigger flavor punch when you eat it.

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Christmas Potluck Recipe 9

I print out little place cards with the name of the recipe and the name of the person/couple who made it for them to grab and place next to their dish when they arrive. The place card for this recipe had Marissa’s name on it, but, truth be told, I made it. I had assigned it to her, knowing full well that after traveling the day before with a baby, she’d probably be too tired to cook. I bought huge mushrooms at Costco, so I doubled the filling. So happy I did! There was quite a bit left so the day after the party, I heated it up and tossed it with hot pasta! OMG! So good! Two for one… my favorite way to cook.

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Christmas Potluck Recipe 8

Recipe #8 was chosen and made by Anne. She was gracious enough to leave behind a gallon-size ziplock of these tasty little morsels for me and the family. We snacked on them right through Christmas! Thank you, sweet friend!

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Christmas Potluck Recipe 7

Photographer, Mary, chose to make these quick and easy goat cheese stuffed dates. I found a couple of other photos that Mary shared with me of the lovely party-goers. Those are included here. Mary, Thank You! <3

If you or your guests are not big fans of goat cheese, use half goat cheese and half cream cheese to tone down the tangy taste. Personally, I’m all the way Team Goat Cheese!

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Christmas Potluck Recipe 6

Amy made these Italian Antipasto Squares and they were the biggest hit of all the appetizers. Everyone thought that the bread layer was focaccia, but no, just simple crescent roll dough. I will be making them again and again!

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Christmas Potluck Recipe 5

Back to the appetizer recipes! Lori made these meatballs and they were delicious. So tangy sweet and savory little balls of yum.

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Christmas Potluck Cocktails

We’re about one-third of the way through with the appetizer recipes, so how about a cute beverage idea for your next holiday gathering?

By far the most popular part of the annual party was this setup of desserts and shots. Let’s zoom in…

The Lighted Christmas trees with Ornament Shots were the bomb! I had purchased the round ornament shot glasses last year in the Target Dollar Spot but had yet to use them. Then Marissa sent me the TikTok idea of hanging them on these simple lighted trees. It’s a winner!

I’ve linked the trees and shot ornaments below. As for the shots themselves, do whatever you’d like. The most popular at our party was the Rum Chata & Fireball shot, which tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So good! I also made Bailey’s Irish Cream shots, Cranberry-Tequila shots, and Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey shots.

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Christmas Potluck Recipe 4

This recipe may be one you want to have in your back pocket and wait to make. Why? Because it is for deviled eggs.

Eggs! What is happening with eggs!?! If you live in a cave or maybe you’re a vegan and don’t know but there is a world-wide egg shortage. They are hard to find in stores and may cost up to $10 a dozen for organic right now!

The Avian flu is the cause. It is predicted to last into the first month or two of this year. I believe the shortage hit right around the time of our party (12/18/22). I don’t think Peggy, who made this recipe, had a problem, but it would have been an issue a week or so later. These devils are darn good, so how about you bookmark this and save it for Easter?

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Christmas Potluck Recipe 3

A little whiskey, a little bacon, who wouldn’t love it!?! Laura made this delicious pot of gold.

This recipe comes together easily, once you have the 8 shallots peeled and chopped and it makes a lot. Plenty to bring to a party and plenty to keep for yourself. The original recipe calls for paprika, but I prefer smoked paprika. Be sure to follow the recipe when it tells you to remove from the heat before adding the whiskey. No one needs a surprise flambe.

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