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Happy Bastille Day. I wish I would have thought ahead and made something Frenchy, oh well, next year! Above is one of the many gorgeous photos my talented daughter, Marissa, took while in Paris for her semester abroad back in 2008.  And I couldn’t help myself, another of her photos is at the bottom of the post…

Of course you can make vegetarian tostadas with just beans, but if you have die-hard carnivores and vegetarians sharing a meal or simply want to build a bigger tostada, just add in a little chicken substitute and the carnivores honestly won’t know the difference.  Making your own seasoning blend instead of using a taco seasoning packet, seriously cuts down on the sodium. Also be certain to look for refried beans labeled vegetarian. Obviously beans are already vegetarian, but some refried beans are made with chicken broth instead of water or lard instead of oil.

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July 14, 2011   4 Comments