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this juror’s story

Along with eight other good citizens, I made it through our 8-day trial and now I can tell you all about it.

The nine of us were culled from a pool of 45 potential jurors. I have to say, the lawyers and the judge did a commendable job of weeding us out, they managed to get nine sane, reasonable, and intelligent people. Trust me, there were some people I saw in the larger group who were far removed from sanity and intelligence!

As I mentioned back on August 31st, I had a suspicion that there were nine of us, instead of the usual eight, because of me.  And then again, on September 3rd, I told you how I had been called into the judge’s chambers… well now I can tell you the whole story.

On that first selection day, after going through the potential juror questionnaire with all 45 of us, the judge said that if any of us felt the need to add something, in private, to raise our hands. My hand flew up, I was hoping for this opportunity. This was a civil case, not criminal, like many of you may have assumed.

A case of malpractice where a woman and her husband were suing her OB/GYN. From the very moment we walked into the courtroom and learned what the case was about, I knew I may have a problem. And the reason I wanted to speak of it in private was because I didn’t want to share my issue with 44 complete strangers. And some of them were very strange!

So why don’t I mind sharing it with you? You know me, and you care about me, and you’re not strange at all!  Additionally, it was so appalling to watch these people try to squirm their way out of service, that I did not want anyone to perceive that that was what I was trying to do.  I didn’t have a problem serving. I mean for as much as I may have complained about it here, I would certainly want competent people there for me, if I was ever in need.

I completely respect and appreciate the process and I am grateful, especially on this poignant weekend, that I live in a country where you are judged by a jury of your peers and have an opportunity to prove your innocence! ….. I just didn’t want to pass out while doing my duty.

You see, I have an extreme and uncontrollable physical reaction to the visual and especially verbal descriptions of the inner workings of the human anatomy. I really don’t know how else to describe it other than that. Possibly a few actual examples of my life experience will show you just how vulnerable I am.  Here we go…

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September 10, 2011   12 Comments