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Buy Clomiphene cheap price There was a fish taco recipe planned for this very spot today, and unless at least 5 of you beg me to put it up, I’m going to scratch it all together. I was originally going to say that at least 15 of you needed to beg, but since I don’t think there will even be 5 beggars, that should suffice. Instead, I have a recipe that is SO MUCH better than any old stinky fish taco. A recipe for laughter. That may be corny and awfully cliche, but true!

OK, you know how I like to be helpful and share with you all the things I love. Well, today I am sharing with you something I more than love. It is something I completely adore. Reading the hysterical posts from this creative, (as you can see for yourself – from that awesome self-portrait above) bright, and “knee-slapping” funny woman, absolutely makes my day. I’ve shared a few of the posts via email with Marissa and with Peggy, and they both agree, Amazing!

I will warn you though, if you have delicate ears, don’t like the use of “bad-language” and excessive sarcasm – well, you may want to pass. Pass it on to a friend who does enjoy those things, that is.  For instance, here is how she describes herself on her Twitter profile:

“Snarky liberal b!%$h and mom of 2 boys, one of whom has autism. Profane & often drunk. Excessively chatty, but it’s all just inane c%*p. Yeah, sorry about that.”

Yes, I have used the *&^% symbols in place of certain profanities for those of you who may be sensitive. Here are a couple little snippets taken directly from Jillsmo’s blog – “Yeah. Good Times.” (with permission) that had me running to the bathroom before I ….. well you get the idea.

As you will note, the Trader Joe’s reference had me hooked from the get-go!  One more quick side-note, Jill does not refer to her two boys by their names, but instead by Child 1 (C1) and Child 2 (C2). By the way, if you do visit her blog, and I http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=best-buy-viagra-pills-from-online-drugstore highly recommend that you do – the Tag named Child 2 has some of my favorite posts.

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September 4, 2011   6 Comments