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Menus – new page added

A new page has been added on the top left side of this blog… it’s called Menu Ideas. Reader, Emily, suggested a menu page. Actually, what she was looking for was for me to “… create a menu for a month using the recipes you have posted so far.” Now, that is going to take me a while. Since I’m generally just posting one recipe a day, there isn’t really enough up here thus far for a complete meal each day for a month. Not everything really goes together with that tightly, although I do understand what Emily is looking for.  As she said in her email to me, “… for people like me, any assistance with meal planning is enormous! I’m the type who needs to follow a recipe. I can’t just look in the fridge and come up with a meal. In other words, I need all the help I can get!”

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September 9, 2010   5 Comments