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dollar store finds turned into…

… a Mercury Glass Pedestal with a chic Wire Cloche

pedestal cloche

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Here is how easy this craft is –

1. Drive to the a Dollar Store near you.

2. Buy a “crystal” candlestick, a glass plate, and a wire trash basket for grand total of $3.00

dollar store finds

3. Get back in the car and drive to a hardware store in your neighborhood.


4. Buy a can of Krylon Looking Glass spray paint, a lamp finial, a nipple to fit the finial, and a nut to fit the nipple.

finial, nipple, nut

5. Return home and make this 5 minute craft that looks like a million bucks.

cloche with succulent

It really is that easy.

This was one of the most popular crafts at the 2013 Fall Craft Party.

Here is how you do it:

nipple, finial

Thread the nipple into the finial. (Spray paint black, if you so wish.)

put into center

Turn the wire mesh trash can upside-down and insert the finial in the center.

tighten with nut

Screw the nut onto the other end of the nipple and tighten. (These are not my made up names or actions for this stuff – this is really what these things are called – no doubt a man named it all! I mean, seriously!)

a cloche is born

You now have your chic wire cloche! How easy and inexpensive was that!?!?

Step Two is to make the pedestal. Again, it is easy peasy!

ready to mercurize

Use THESE DIRECTIONS to change your cheap dollar store candle stick and glass plate…

mercury glassed

… into lovely mercury glass treasures.

new pedestal

Then use a dab or two of the ever reliable E6000 to adhere them together.

attached candlestick

I offered both the smaller glass plates and large black chargers for the ladies to use. With the black charger the cloche sat on top of the plate.

pedestal cloche

The smaller glass plates enabled the cloche to cover entire pedestal.

wire cloche

I think both options look wonderful!

peggy and the gang

Peggy added a little Halloween bling in the way of a glitter spider to her cloche, and everyone loved it!

Speaking of Halloween and of cloches.
And how I do love cloches.

Halloween cloches

Here is what I’ve done for Halloween with the cloche collection that sits in our entry.

Halloween entry

I found the two freaky dolls at Goodwill, the one on the left is especially scary with a bone chilling white face.

Halloween doll parts and cloches

And the doll parts came from … where else, but Sweet Salvage, of course!

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1 Marissa { 10.24.13 at 7:59 AM }

That thing seems completely impractical as a trash can.

2 Linda Hopkins { 10.24.13 at 8:01 AM }

I agree, but hey, it’s from the dollar store, what do you expect? For papers only, maybe?

3 Tram Mai { 10.24.13 at 8:26 AM }

Looking at this craft makes me want to do another!! So much fun!

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