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Craft #3 from the 2013 Fall Craft Party was tied for most popular. That could be attributed to the fact that it wasn’t a craft at all. More like gardening and playing in dirt.

Or it may have to do something with the current trend of everyone loving succulents.


Either way, it sold out quickly.

Duct Cap

I did the “crafty” part ahead of time. I turned shiny bright galvanized duct caps (found in the plumbing department at Home Depot) from shiny and bright to tarnished and rustic looking.


To do so, I coated the outside of each galvanized cap with Clorox toilet bowl cleaner. I let that sit for 48 hours and then washed it off.

1 1:2 bottles

After testing the process on one – I did the rest of them out in the yard. I know that the guys working on the front remodel think I’m crazy.

They may be right.

before and after

Crazy like a fox!


Crafters could choose from large, medium, and small containers.

They really did turn out pretty!

pedestal cloche

succulents in galzanized metal caps


wire cloche

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1 Tram Mai { 10.25.13 at 8:44 AM }

So THAT’S how you did it!! Brilliant! Amazes me how you come up with these things!! Love it!!

2 Linda Hopkins { 10.25.13 at 10:43 AM }

Tram, you are making my week with all your glorious comments! Love ya and enjoy time with your mom! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night! xoxo

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