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the secret is out … plus my Sweet Salvage finds…

I can now share with you some exciting news about another big party scheduled for my new back patio.

In January, I’ll be throwing a baby shower for my dear friend, Tram Mai. She and her husband, Stephen, are expecting twins in March!

Beautiful Mommy to bePhoto credit

Yep, petite Tram is carrying twins! Crazy Wonderful! She and Stephen shared the glorious news with Dave and me over the weekend. Then Tram announced it on her show, EVB Live, yesterday. You can watch her sweet surprise live-on-air announcement HERE. I could not be happier for her!

Since it is now quite obvious that I’m not posting a recipe today, how about I also share with you my fun finds from last week’s Sweet Salvage sale?

fairbank precision scale

This is the porcelain enamel scale that I so badly wanted to get.

0 on the mark

Maybe I can incorporate it into the baby shower decor.

porcelin scale

Until then, it has found a new home in our breakfast room.

new home for vintage scale

I promise you that I will not be incorporating these creepy freaky doll parts in the baby shower decorations…

freaky stuff

They, along with the skull and flashcard, are for my Halloween mantel.

for me, mariss, and friends

I love the vintage enamel measuring cup, the little metal fly box, and the silver shovel shaped spoons. The glass is monogrammed with an “M” – I wonder who that could be for. Marissa, I’ll be bringing it with me when we visit San Fran next week… it’s perfect for drinking a glass of wine, French country-style.


These preserved and encased bugs are also for the Halloween mantel.


As is the 1940’s Ouija board.

I loved using a Ouija at sleepovers when I was a tween. I really love how this board says “au revoir” at the bottom instead of the usual “goodbye”.

french ephemera

And, you know, I can never pass up on French ephemera!

cool basket table

I’ve already shown you the huge wicker basket that I’m using as a coffee table – Love love love how it looks out there!

Finally, for this last item, I am only showing you a tiny sneak peek of the larger piece.

surprise to come

I’m going to use it in a major crafting up-cycle project… more to come…. in a few weeks.

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1 Marissa { 09.26.13 at 8:54 AM }

That video is so cute!

2 Tram Mai { 09.26.13 at 7:38 PM }

You’re the best secret keeper there is!! Thank you for being there from the beginning & along for the journey ahead!! xoxoxo

3 Tram Mai { 09.26.13 at 7:39 PM }

P.S. LOVE the scale and the doll hands!!! But the Ouija board totally creeps me out!!!! Please keep that away from my baby shower! 😉

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