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birthday twins

Happy Birthday to two of my dearest friends. Two women whom I adore.

Their birthdays are only two years apart, but I won’t reveal who is older or their exact ages.

Let’s just say that one is a tiny bit more than decade younger than me and the other is just less than a decade behind me.

Yeah, they’re young and they are both gorgeous, inside and out!

bday girls

You may not be able to see them, but they are both in the image above. You can easily see that I am cooking with Tram Mai on the old Valley Dish. We are making Amy’s Famous Taco Soup. Because it is Amy’s recipe, I’d brought along a framed photo of Amy and her family… you can barely see it down in the lower right corner of the image.  Can you see it?

Since then, Amy and Tram have been together at my house a couple of times, but unfortunately, I’d never gotten a photo of them together, so until I do, this will have to do!


Before our mutual friend, Lori, moved to Chicago, we used to celebrate Amy (on the right) and Lori’s (center) birthdays together.

Happy Birthday, Amy! I love you!

linda and tram

This fun photo was taken in August 2010 when Tram invited me to cook with her on stage at Phoenix Cooks. Good times!

Happy Birthday, Tram! I love you!


I’m sending you both a virtual birthday cake today. It’s the best birthday cake ever! xoxo

Linda’s Famous Carrot Cake recipe HERE

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1 Lisa { 03.21.13 at 8:21 AM }

Happy birthday ladies and enjoy the virtual carrot cake–my favorite:)

2 Peggy { 03.21.13 at 8:24 AM }

Happy Birthday to two very fun and beautiful girls!!!

3 Amy Kilpatrick { 03.21.13 at 8:34 AM }

Awww, thank you Linda! I love you too 🙂
I had a fabulous lunch yesterday with you & Ronnie… xoxo

4 Tram Mai { 03.21.13 at 12:04 PM }

I was TOTALLY wanting that carrot cake again!!! LOL- you read my mind!!! Thank you so much for this sweet blog!!! I love our Dish days! 🙂 And I love you!!! Happy birthday Amy!! 🙂

5 Sloane { 03.21.13 at 12:23 PM }

Happy Birthday Ladies!

6 Marissa { 03.21.13 at 1:00 PM }

Happy birthday Amy & Tram! That carrot cake truly is the best cake ever.

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