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Valentine’s aphrodisiac food options

When it comes to giving gifts on Valentine’s Day, you might consider mushrooms and other fungi if you’ve reached your limit when it comes to chocolates and roses. Mushrooms are culinary delights in their own right, but none is more renowned or desirable than the truffle. The fungal truffle lent its name to the confectionery treat in the 1920s and is still a worldwide delicacy. The smell and flavor of truffles are largely described as being earthy, musky, and intense by experts in this field. The scent is special in other ways, too. Truffles grow underground, so they require animals to dig them up, eat them, and disperse their spores in order to reproduce.

Truffles release chemical scents that mimic pheromones produced by mammals to encourage animals to eat them. Boars produce androstenone, one of these chemicals, in their saliva, which is the primary sexual hormone. Therefore, truffle hunters often use female pigs to track down the elusive mushrooms. As androstenone is also found in human sweat, some people consider truffles to be aphrodisiacs.

Now, if you are making a special Valentine’s meal for your significant other tomorrow night, you might want to take some of these suggestions into consideration.

Just saying…

Click on the name of the various aphrodisiacs to find a recipe for each.


asparagus – loaded with essential vitamin E

lovely salad

basil – libido lifting nutrients vitamins A and C, magnesium, beta carotene, and potassium

lobster bisque

caviar – luxurious jewels from the sea, salty and sexy

Roasting directly over flame until blackened

chiles  – elevates heart rate, raises body temperature, makes lips swell


chocolate – releases phenylethylamine, the same hormone love-making releases and increases endorphin secretions and raises heart rate

coffee – increases levels of dopamine, boosting the pleasure system of the brain


cucumbers – the scent is believed to arouse women


fennel – filled with estrogen-like chemicals, increases healthy circulation


figs – the up to 1,600 seeds in each fruit represent fertility


ginger  – increases sensitivity in the erogenous zones


lobster – luxurious lean protein high in dopamine and norepinephrine to sustain long nights


oysters  – mimics female pheromones, loaded with zinc essential in testosterone production


salmon – is filled with omega-fatty acids that raise serotonin to get (and keep) you in the mood

sear scallops

scallops – voluptuous bivalve increases sexual hormones in men and women

I’m off to make my shopping list… xoxo

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1 Marissa { 02.13.14 at 10:11 AM }

Hmmmm baked potatoes w/ sour cream and bacon aren’t on the list.

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