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Zakary & Zoey’s 1st Birthday Party!

Zak and Zoey, the darling children of my dear friend, Tram, celebrated their first birthday on Saturday!

pink table

Wow, the year has flown by! It seems like only yesterday that I was throwing Tram her baby shower!


Tram asked me to come over early to decorate. The twins were down for their nap, so decorating went smooth and quick.


We kept it simple, mostly just photos of the twins scattered on the tables, streamers, pom poms and balloons.

fav fam

Tram had picked up a couple of light-up Z’s, so I placed them on either side of a family portrait for the buffet.


The breakfast table was the most elaborately decorated area, with not only the pom-poms and balloons but also chalkboard art that daddy-extraordinaire, Steve, had made for each twin.

zak chalk

Zak’s first-year milestones…

zoey chalk

… and Zoey’s.

3 cakes

Of course, the three (yes, 3!) cakes were the showstoppers of the table.

zak cake


zoey cake


monkey cake

And a third cake that Chef Mel Mecinas, of the Four Seasons Scottsdale, had his pastry chef make for the twins, based on their favorite book, Five Little Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed. Adorable!

menu board

Then there was Tram’s beautiful handwritten menu board. I love that huge board, and I love Tram’s exquisite writing!


As the guests arrived …


… and the presents piled up…

bottom up

… everyone asked, “What smells so amazing?!”


It was the whole pig roasting in the backyard!

chef kb

None other than Chef Kevin Binkley was catering the affair and, as expected, it was out of this world delicious! I’ve written about Kevin’s roasted pig before HERE. It was just as fabulous as I remembered.

birthday family

After the outstanding meal, it was time for lots of pictures and cake.


I gave the cutie-pies personalized birthday hats from Etsy.

hats on

They could not have looked more precious in them! And surprisingly, they kept them on!

zoey loves cake

Zoey enjoying her cake.

zak wants cake

And Zak wondering why ladies get served first!!

ZZ Blend

The final sweet touch was the party gift for guests. A bag of Zak and Zoey Blend coffee beans. That’s right, when your parents own Press Coffee Roasters, you get a special blend of coffee, named just for you, to commemorate your first birthday! Too Sweet!

present time

Happy Birthday, Zoey and Zak! I love you and I love your mommy and daddy too! xoxo

P.S. Tomorrow I’ll share the handmade gifts I gave the twins and the “DIY instructions.”

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1 Marissa { 03.16.15 at 8:48 AM }

They are just so cute — I want to give them lots of kisses.

2 Debbie Elder { 03.16.15 at 11:18 AM }

Fabulous report on the birthday affair. Almost made us feel like we were there. How fun!

3 Tram Mai { 03.16.15 at 5:19 PM }

Oh Linda!!! TGIL!!! Thank God For Linda!!! I could NOT have pulled off their birthday without YOU and your amazing decorating abilities!!! Your attention to detail is like no other and you helped save the day!! I LOVE THIS BLOG because it captures all the beauty (minus the stress) of the memorable day!! Thank you for being a part of it and the WONDERFULLY THOUGHTFUL gifts!!!! Xoxo

4 Jullie Lenci { 03.17.15 at 6:02 AM }

Happy Birthday, Zack & Zoey! Thanks for sharing the pics!

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