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enter and exit

It makes me a bit sad to be entering my last post about Tram’s baby shower. Albeit, five consecutive posts about one party is a lot, I’ve really loved sharing it with all of you and reliving it for myself.

front of house

I’ll start with the beginning, what the guests saw as they entered…


… the front doors and the burlap wreaths that I made especially for the shower. I had purchased a couple of springtime wreaths at Home Goods last year, but they were all nasty and faded before the end of summer, so into the trash they went. Once I took down the Christmas wreaths this year, I had nothing to replace them with.


I had pinned THIS tutorial on how to make burlap wreaths on Pinterest and decided, “no time like the present” to get it done! Oh my goodness, it could not have been easier! I whipped them both out in about 20 minutes. Seriously, ten minutes each! Follow the tutorial and you can make some of your own. By the way, I used an 18-inch wreath form. I will be adding some sort of spring/summer embellishments in the near future.


I found the yarn and number twos at Hobby Lobby and the baby shoes at, Micheal’s, of all places! I used clear adhesive dots to adhere the shoes to the burlap and the twos to the doors. Of course, the shoes went home with Tram.


To the right of the door was a chalkboard sign (of course!) telling guests what to do and where to go. Some people are so darn bossy!


About an hour and a half into the shower, Peggy set the Party Favors out in the same front courtyard so the guests could easily snag them on their way out.

party favors

You have to know by now that there was another chalkboard sign, with instructions. This is a school theme, after all!

take one sign

One basket held thank you notes with a large brass paperclip-style bookmark.


thank you

The cards mimicked the invites.

cookie favor

The second favor was my favorite, by far! A chalkboard sugar cookie! Each states the most basic of all math equations …  1 + 1 = 2.


If you’ve followed this blog for long, you already know all about my love for these chalkboard cookies! Click HERE, or HERE, or HERE to read more about my obsession.
business card

This is the business card of the talented Casey Jones of Casey’s Confections who made not only these cookies but also the chocolate chip cookies with the hole in the center for our Milk & Cookies dessert.


Sweet Tram and Dear Steve, I can not wait to meet Baby 1 and Baby 2! xoxo

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1 Marissa { 01.17.14 at 11:23 AM }

Cute! The cookies are adorable!

2 Tram Mai { 01.17.14 at 2:59 PM }

It makes me sad this is your last post too!! I’ve enjoyed every nook and cranny detail, right till the end and eating that delicious cookie. I look forward to using that book mark when I read to the twins… every detail, gift, and thought will always be forever cherished!! xoxoxoxo

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