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milk & cookies and coffee and cocktails…

… we’ve got it all!


We’ll start with the coffee. As I’ve mentioned here before, Tram and her husband, Steve, own Press Coffee Roasters. They have locations in the Scottsdale Quarter and at Sky Harbor Airport.

Plus … there was a very special third, albeit temporary, location in my backyard on Saturday morning.

Steve came over on Friday and set up all the fancy machinery. I do not drink coffee, I know, weird for an adult, but it is what it is. I have been recommended to look at Iron and Fire subscription services if I want to dip my toes into the coffee pool, so we will wait and see.

This means that I don’t know anything about coffee, except that I enjoy the smell of it and I adore the burlap sacks that the beans are shipped in. Oh, and I love love love coffee ice cream too!

Steve knows everything there is to know about coffee. As he was setting up, he tried his best to teach Peggy and me a thing or two. Peggy “drank it up” – the info and the coffee and she loved every drop of it. I know I should’ve drunk mine really and I should like coffee, I’ve heard there are even many ways to create the perfect coffee in the morning which I could start with, but maybe another day!

Not only did we have our own Press Coffee station, we also had our own barista to specially brew each cup for each guest to their specific tastes and requests.

coffee bar

Nanda graciously spent her Saturday morning serving coffee, even though her real job is Head Roaster at the Press Coffee Roastery. Thank you, Nanda, for not only spending your morning with us but for being a great group-photo photographer too!

coffee drinkers

As you can see, the guests loved their coffee!


For some strange and somewhat annoying reason, most of the coffee table was taken up with coffee “stuff” – but I did manage to squeeze out the front corner for some decor to carry through the theme. A massive vintage scale and an old typewriter.


Three ABC flashcards added a pop of color to all that industrial looking black.


Behind the station, on the kitchen window, I hung a couple of book page-baker’s twine buntings. The book pages were taken from a nursery rhyme songbook that I found at a second-hand store.

On to the cocktail…

early riser

This photo was snapped at 5:00 AM on party day. You’ve gotta get up before the crack of dawn when you’re hosting 30 people for a 10:30 brunch!

all stocked

The drink station was set up just across from the coffee station. The big wicker tub was filled with juices, sparkling waters and lemonade. Glasses were on the tray to the right and the cocktail was in the center.

AM picker upper

I called it Peach Rosemary Picker Upper, but it’s really just my popular Papaya-Rosemary “AM Picker Upper” – using peach nectar in place of papaya nectar. Quick Tip – fruit nectars can be hard to find in the juice aisle – they are most easily found, packaged in cans, in the Hispanic section of the grocery store.

Finally… it’s time for dessert!


In lieu of a cake, I decided to go with something I found, and adored, on Pinterest – Milk & Cookies. What would go more perfectly than that with my “school” theme!?!

M&C Bar

Not to mention that I bought a vintage crate full of 30 mini-milk bottles, on eBay a couple of years ago.

milkman boxes

Plus I’ve collected a few old insulated “milkman boxes” over the years. Are you old enough to remember when milk was delivered to your door? I was born in the ‘6o’s and barely remember it. These boxes are getting harder and harder to come by.

dairy list

I especially love this box that has the list of available dairy products printed on the inside of the lid.

laundry room setup

Anyhow, back to the Milk & Cookies. Peggy and I assembled the bottles, straws, and cookies in my laundry room. I then carried them outside in this towel-lined crate and we transferred them to the milk and soda crates I had set up on the patio.

another view

I mean, seriously …

Milk and

… how darn adorable is this?


Guests could choose from plain ol’ milk, chocolate milk, or Frappuccinos (mocha, coffee, or vanilla favors) to go along with their chocolate chip cookie, which was sitting on top of the bottle with a straw through the center.


I did not trust myself to bake cookies with a hole in the middle and not have the hole close in on itself when it was baking. So I ordered them from a trusted and talented baker. More on her and her amazing cookies (these and another type that I ordered as party favors) in Friday’s post.

clean as a whistle

There were dozens of chalkboard signs at the shower, but this was, by far, my favorite. The milk bottles must be 60+ years old and are seriously scarred and even look a little dirty and dingy. Peggy wrote out this sign to assure the guests that the bottles were, in fact, clean as a whistle, having gone through the dishwasher just the night before!

Pretty Tram

And now for two of my favorite photos of Tram. This one, where she looks so beautiful and positively glowing.

all baby

And this candid shot that I’m sure she doesn’t even know exists. She is talking with her two best friends, Leyla and Dar, holding her milk and sharing her cookie with Dar, while innocently showing off that beautiful baby bump! xoxo

Tomorrow – all about the little decor details and some guest photos.


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1 Tram Mai { 01.15.14 at 10:49 AM }

LOVE all the drinks and presentation (I was salivating over the cocktails!) So many happy guests had more than 1 cup of Press! The milk bottles (especially the sign that went with them) and cookies were my fave- SO CREATIVE!! (Although I wish you included the picture of you holding the crate of bottles! Soooo cute!!) And I could’ve easily downed 3 of those cookies- one for each of us!! YUMMMMMY!!!! XOXOXO

2 Marissa { 01.15.14 at 12:55 PM }

The milk and cookies are so cute!

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