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This is the final post for the 2013 Fall Craft Party. A wrap-up, of sorts.

(*For links to all the craft projects please scroll to the bottom of the page)

basket of herbs

The basket of fresh herbs was used to make bouquet garni.

bouquet garni

Bouquet Garni is a bundle of herbs, tied together with string, and then used to prepare soup, stock, stews, and such.

herbs and string

The bouquet is cooked along with the other ingredients of a dish but is removed prior to serving.


We used bay leaves, oregano, rosemary, thyme, and basil for our bouquets.

Here’s how to make BOUQUET GARNI:

1.  Gather the fresh herbs you wish to bundle –make sure they are fresh, not dried. Also, be sure that you have allowed them to completely dry after washing them. Do not bundle moist herbs—they will turn to mush or worse yet, mold!

2. Take a few stalks of each herb you wish to include in the bundle and only one bay leaf for each bundle.

3.  After gathering them together–use kitchen twine to wrap around {crisscrossing} and then tie in a knot at the end.


4. Allow your cute little bundles to sit out for a few days to dry—and then store in an airtight container until ready to gift as gifts or use for soups, stews, stocks, etc.

Kims 10

Kim was the most prolific bouquet garni maker – I think she may have gone home with a dozen. (I do not know why there is a pair of pliers in this photo -weird – you do not need pliers to make bouquet garni.)

single pumpkin

It was requested by about half of the attendees that we once again make the burlap and fabric pumpkins. I happily obliged. Detailed instructions may be found HERE.

pumpkin table

This table was one of the busiest places, all night long.

3 pretty pumpkins

Dozens of beautiful pumpkins were created…

4 pretty pumpkins

… by very ambitious and talented women.  I believe these four belong to my sister, Sloane. Pretty as can be!


The final craft was The Most Popular. Unfortunately, there were only 7 available. That is attributed to the fact that it is very difficult to wrangle up enough black feather boas to make a large number of wreaths.

sample wreath

This is where you’ll find the Black Boa & Glitter Wreath instructions.

grapevine wreaths

I did change it up a bit from my original wreath. We used oval grapevine wreaths instead of styrofoam round wreaths.


I wanted the guests to get more of the look of Jen’s cool oval wreath rather than the less scary look of my tame round wreath.

glitter pieces

Floral pins were not needed, the boas cling to the grapevine on their own. Glue guns were used to attach the skulls, spiders, skeletons, and such.

boa and glitter wreaths

Here are two of the fabulous wreaths made that night.

champagne and cordials

Last week, when I talked about the food I served, I forgot to mention the drinks.

I set up a “Champagne & Cordials” station.


The cordials included; Domaine de Canton French Ginger Liqueur, St~Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Poire Prisonniere Pear Brandy, Chambord Raspberry Liqueur, Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur, Pomegranate Liqueur, and Original Gangster French Brandy.

Guests served themselves whatever concoction they wished. Of course, there was wine, soda, juices, and water too.

nights end

All in all, it was a fun and successful evening. I’m already planning and looking forward to the 2013 Christmas Craft Party!

2013 Craft Party Project Links

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Black Boa & Glitter Wreath

Mercury Glass Pedestal with Wire Cloche

Rustic Planter with Succulents

Urban Scarecrow Wreath

Bundt Pan Pumpkin

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1 Shelley J. { 10.29.13 at 9:06 AM }

Those burlap pumpkins are adorable!

2 Kelly { 10.29.13 at 10:55 AM }

Count me in for Christmas!!! It was a blast! XO

3 Marissa { 10.29.13 at 11:56 AM }

Those burlap pumpkins with the flowers are so cute! I want one. I only have velvet pumpkins.

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