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my very first instructional iMovie!

Now that I am a pro at shooting, editing, downloading, and posting iMovies – as you know, I’ve done three of them now – I figured it was time to post my first “Cooking Tip iMovie.” Hopefully it won’t receive horrid reviews from you … and end up being my last “Cooking Tip iMovie.”

Before you have the privilege of feasting your eyes and ears on the actual video, I have to give shout-outs and props to a few awesome folks:

Firstly, huge props and thanks to my friend and neighbor, Amy (that would The Amy – as in Amy’s Famous Taco Soup) who so sweetly turned me on to this super cool tip. Amy sent me a video of a Chinese dude doing this technique. But since the video is in Chinese, without subtitles, I decided to demonstrate it myself, in English, instead of linking you to the original.

Secondly, big-time props to the Chinese dude in the original video, well done!

Lastly, a shout-out to Connor for steadily holding my iPhone and acting as my unpaid but highly valued videographer. He was actually a really great cameraman, and he seemed to enjoy the whole experience too. He keeps saying that he wants to become a Freelance Cameraman in the future which is so exciting! I can definitely see his potential! Anyway, Connor is moving out and heading back to school later today. So if there ever is a second “Cooking Tip iMovie” Dave may have to take over the highly coveted, yet unpaid, videographer position. Maybe one day we will upgrade to the likes of what professional videographer austin tx company Mosaic Media Films produce? And by that point maybe we can pay our videographer?

And now… without further ado… I give you “How to Separate an Egg with a Plastic Water Bottle.” Yes, you read that right, don’t over think it, just check it out!

Note: Click on those five little words below and it will take you to the video – oh and you can expand the video to full screen by clicking on the little arrows in the bottom right corner of the video. I know, it’s a dream come true!

How To Separate An Egg…

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1 Pat { 08.26.12 at 11:06 AM }

WOW! That was fabulous, but probably if I tried it, it wouldn’t work. LOL

2 Sheila { 08.27.12 at 9:01 AM }


3 Kim Tunheim Salmans { 08.27.12 at 10:56 AM }

What a great idea! Your movie was perfect!

4 Nancy H { 08.27.12 at 11:52 AM }

Very cool!

5 Debbie Quenneville { 08.27.12 at 12:53 PM }

Very cool! Great movie!

6 Marissa { 08.27.12 at 2:26 PM }

How cool! Totally showing this tip to everyone I know!

7 Amy Kilpatrick { 08.27.12 at 4:02 PM }

My how I love you!! 😉

8 Rosalie G. Spitzer { 08.27.12 at 5:06 PM }

I can’t wait to explore your website. Both Ken and I love to cook and so we will be back. In the meantime, thanks!

9 Sharon { 08.27.12 at 10:00 PM }


You are too funny. I love this video and the new things you are learning. Way to go!

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