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This is exactly what happened – I mean exactly!  I was trying to decide what to do with 2 acorn squash that was a part of that Thanksgiving centerpiece I made. I successfully used the 3 sugar pumpkins last week, but the squash remains. I knew they would be the recipe for today’s post, but exactly what to do with them that would be new and exciting, I had no clue. Acorn squash and exciting don’t really belong in the same sentence… or so I thought!

As usual, I procrastinated and instead went on Facebook to waste time, I mean find inspiration. And inspiration is precisely what I found; in the form of Gwen Ashley Walters! Gwen posted an update on her page linking to her blog.. and what was she making? Acorn Squash! Not just any old squash, but a gorgeous lentil stuffed acorn squash.

Pretty Picture courtesy of Gwen Ashley Walters and Pen & Fork

Look at that! Isn’t it lovely? The picture at the very top is proof positive that I actually do have 2 squash and I really was going to use them to create a post. Now instead of creating a post, I am creating Gwen’s recipe, hope you’ll do the same! To get the recipe to go along with Gwen’s picture from above, CLICK HERE, and thank me later.

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1 Chef Gwen { 12.05.10 at 12:22 PM }

Ha! That just means we both think alike! Looking forward to seeing you at class tomorrow night!

2 Pen & Fork | CookingPlanet { 12.05.10 at 12:40 PM }

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3 Audrey Larsen { 12.06.10 at 3:01 PM }

That recipe sounds terrific, I never have a clue as to what to do with acorn squash!

4 veggie delight — Les Petites Gourmettes { 12.15.10 at 10:28 AM }

[…] enjoyed Gwen’s lentil stuffed acorn squash so much last week, that I decided to take another spin at it, with quinoa, this time. Especially […]

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