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Easter-themed April Fool’s pranks

You have a week to pull off these two pranks. It only took me about 15 minutes to “make” my fruit and vegetable Easter chocolates. I can’t wait to see the reactions!

I went to Target to shop for the foil-covered chocolate eggs. After carefully examining what was available, I decided on the Nestle Crunch Nest Eggs over the traditional Hershey’s Eggs because they were slightly larger. You see, you’ll be swapping out the chocolate eggs for grapes, so a similar size is a necessity. The Nestle Butterfinger Nest Eggs were a perfect size too, but the foil isn’t as pretty or “Eastery”  – yes that’s a word!

April Fool’s Fruit and Vegetable Easter Chocolates

  • Nestle Crunch Nest Eggs
  • grapes
  • Ferrero Rocher Chocolates
  • Brussels sprouts
  • a bit of patience

Very carefully and slowly loosen the foil on a Crunch Chocolate Egg. On the first one I attempted, I made the mistake of completely opening up the foil. Don’t do that! It is too hard to fold it back together nicely.

Instead, open the foil just enough to remove the chocolate egg.

When choosing your grape, go a little smaller, rather than larger or the exact same size. I used the grape on the left.

Insert the grape and wrap it back up.

Here are the first three I made. As you can see, they get better each time. The top one is when I took off the foil and opened it up completely.

Now, it’s up to you if you eat those chocolate eggs or save them to give to your April Fool’s victims.

For the Ferrero Rocher – Brussels sprout swap; Trim the end of a Brussels sprout and remove some leaves, if needed, to get the right size. Gently unwrap the chocolate and remove, insert the sprout, cut side up, and re-wrap. These are much easier to work with.

You can’t even tell the difference between the real and the fool!

You only need to make a few of each. If you’re having 12 people over for Easter, I’d only make 5 or 6 of each. Once the gag is known, the jig is up.

The important way to pull this off is to only put out a few of the Fool’s eggs in a bowl of jelly beans or other Easter candy that is less desirable. Your guests will go straight for the chocolates and you will be rewarded with a great prank.

Find four more fun April Fool’s Ideas, go HERE and scroll down to April Fool’s Day.

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1 Marissa Sandell { 03.25.18 at 4:37 PM }

I am going to do this to Jeff!

2 Sharon L { 03.25.18 at 4:55 PM }

I’m surprised you didn’t dip the grape in chocolate for a real surprise. I’ll cook the Brussels sprouts first – just in case I can get someone to eat it!

3 Linda Hopkins { 03.25.18 at 5:35 PM }

Sharon, you’re nice. I like to be mean. JK, that’s a great idea!

4 Sloane Ellen Hansen { 03.28.18 at 6:39 PM }

Im telling

5 Linda Hopkins { 03.28.18 at 8:17 PM }

Oh…. please don’t tell!!!!

6 Sloane Hansen { 03.30.18 at 9:40 AM }

Ok, I won’t tell Dad or Race

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