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4th of July dessert bar


At last, the final post from the 4th of July Pot-Luck Pool Party. It only took two weeks to get all the recipes posted, that’s not so bad.


If you want to see the menu in its entirety, you can always go to the link over on the left column of this page, click on the “Menu and Party Ideas” page and you’ll find not only this party but many others.

dessert bar

The good news is that the recipes for all the desserts we served at the party are already posted on this site. There is one more fun idea though, so don’t go running off.

key lime pies

First up is Tram’s Famous Key Lime Pies! Tram brought the pies to my 4th party two years ago, so the recipe is posted HERE.

Tram's Key Lime Pie

It’s fun to go back and read that post since Zak & Zoey were only 4 months old at that gathering.


So sweet! As is Tram’s pie.

flag pie

Next, I baked my super easy All-American Berry-Cherry Flag Pie. It is going to be at every 4th party from here on out. Maybe next time I can convince someone else to make it though.

hand pies

I posted the recipe for these Mason Jar Lid Hand Pies on July 3rd. But how cute is this bakery display stand? I found it at The Painted Fox, one of my favorite shopping websites. Love it!


Lastly, we have the Mason Jar Ice Cream Bar. Above you see the cute sprinkles and toppings displayed.

And below you see how I ran out of ice by the time dessert was served and couldn’t display the ice cream the way I had planned.

4th of July desserts

It is supposed to look like this…

enough ice

Look at that lovely abundance of ice and how the ice cream pops up out of it, so refreshing and cool looking on a hot summer day!

need more ice

I anticipated the cooler using a bunch of ice, that’s why I filled the closed side with the plastic containers… to save on ice. We’d purchased more than 70 pounds of ice before the party, but it was so damn hot that… well you know… all the ice melted and I ran low.

mason jar ice cream

Oh well, if that’s the only problem I have, then really, I have no problems whatsoever! Plus, there’s always next here. Next year, when someone else makes the flag pie for me and when I buy 150 pounds of ice!

The idea of pre-scooping ice cream in Mason jars is the best idea ever. It’s the only way I’d ever serve ice cream to a crowd. And that’s my super entertaining tip of the day. Aren’t you glad you hung around?





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