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Unique – maybe even antique…

It’s time to play “What the Heck is That?!?”   Here is a refresher of how it works – I post three closeup photos of items found in my kitchen. You leave a comment telling me what you think one, two, or all three of the items are.  And remember, a wrong guess is immensely more fun for everyone than no guess at all!

As with Round 1, there is one small restriction. Marissa, you may not post your guess or guesses until after 6 PM (Pacific Time). I am fearful of your knowledge of my kitchen. Connor, you can play whenever you want, I have no fear of your observation of my kitchen, nor do I believe you will even see this – until weeks from now… if ever.  Sigh…

I will post the answers and full photos of the 3 items tomorrow. Let the game begin!

“What the Heck is That?!?” Round Two – “Unique Tools”

Object #1

Object #2

Object #3

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1 dagmar { 01.17.12 at 4:22 PM }

#1 maybe a stove lid lifter?
#2 no idea!
#3 what the heck?
The only thing I really knew was the apple… no fair!

2 Linda Hopkins { 01.17.12 at 5:07 PM }

Aw, thanks Dagmar for giving it a go. xoxo
No other takers today, wondering if everyone is waiting for Marissa’s answers. But see, it’s fun when you at least PLAY. Come on the rest of you People! Get with it! Give it a college try, at least, like brave Dagmar!

3 Marissa { 01.17.12 at 7:35 PM }

If everyone’s waiting for me they’re going to be disappointed. You over estimate me. The first one might be a pasta maker? I have no idea. Something old. The third one I can picture the entire item but I don’t actually know what it is. A pasta rack?

4 dagmar { 01.17.12 at 10:47 PM }

thanks Linda<3

5 Kim { 01.18.12 at 9:23 AM }

#1…gigot.(spelling) .holds the leg of a roast so you can carve
#2. Stone for sharpening knives
#3 pasta cutter

6 Linda Hopkins { 01.18.12 at 10:31 AM }

Kim, sorry that I didn’t mention that you too had played when I was complaining in the next post. I pre-posted that and didn’t see your answers until after it went up. Thanks for playing! Answers and full photos coming soon! xoox

7 Shelley J { 01.18.12 at 2:10 PM }

The green apple is all I can tell, but that’s not part of the game 🙁

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