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Canada 3.0

My fabulous vacation to the Howard’s Deer Lake in Canada is coming to a close. On one hand, I hate to be leaving so soon, but on the other, I can’t wait to get home to my kitties. That sounds like crazy-cat lady talk, I know, but I hate leaving them home alone for so long.

How about I share images from my trip in today’s post?

You’d like that! Yay, here we go.

2019 Sturgeon Moon

Seriously, this is the only photo I really need to post. So GORGEOUS! Kim woke up early last Friday morning and caught the full moon over Deer Lake. Absolutely Stunning!

The local market in the Village of Ripon had the cutest booth signs above each vendor

We visited a variety of markets during my visit, here are my favorite images.

These tomatoes were delicious and the flesh was so beautiful. The center flesh was blush and slowly turned to yellow.
These cabbages looked like huge roses.
I never see garlic scapes in Phoenix.
Such sweet displays in this little local market!

On another day we drove into Montreal and visited the Marché Jean-Talon.

The sights, sounds, and smells at this market rival any in Europe!
Can you imagine buying this $100 basket of blueberries and making pies and jams and cobblers? Wow!
So many baskets of berries!
Like a beautiful dream!
Eggplant of every variety and color variation.
Fresh summer sweet corn is available at every vegetable stand. Loved this stand of only corn. Look at the dump truck full!
Along with loads of fresh produce that we purchased from the markets, I picked up these unique items for future Harmony Boards.
We saw wild turkeys on most of our drives.

After one afternoon of being out for the morning, we came home to find that two birds had flown into the sliding glass doors along the back of the house.

I was able to save this little guy.
But sadly, this little hummingbird did not make it. Heartbroken!

Many afternoons were spent on the lake and in and around the cottage. Kim took a few long walks. I wasn’t able to go too far because my knee is still not 100% and the roads can be quite steep. So I’d go a little way and then turn back and collect wildflowers.

The first bunch was full of flowers.
Another time I picked more greenery and berries.
They make the most lovely and natural-looking arrangements.
Here is the first batch of ripe apples we picked from the apple tree in the backyard.
Many more apples are still ripening on the tree, which is in the background of this photo of the lovely blush applesauce Kim made with that first batch.
Leaves are beginning to change as fall comes early in Canada!
Beautiful Deer Lake

Kim, thank you so much for inviting me to come with you to this paradise. It is the perfect respite from the blazing heat in The Valley of the Sun. And you, my dear friend, are the perfect hostess! I could not be more grateful and blessed to have you in my life! I love you! xoxo

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1 kim { 08.21.19 at 3:41 PM }

I miss you ! Cant wait for next year. Bet you can guess what I am having for dinner. Yep. Tomatoes and corn. XOXO

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