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misc and tip of the week

I’m off to tape a television segment today for Channel 3-  Your Life A to Z.  It will air tomorrow, Friday, October 14th, at 10:100 AM.  So, instead of posting a recipe, I have some miscellaneous, fun, and important items to tell you about. 

For the last couple of days I’ve been sharing with you items from my weekend shopping extravaganza with Peggy. Both of us are in love with birdcages and we found the perfect one for Peggy’s house. She had an open corner in her dining room and we decided the birdcage would fit perfectly there. She will change it out throughout the year and create holiday and casual vignettes, using the cage as the canvass.  Above you can see what we did for her Halloween Birdcage Vignette and below is a closeup. Doesn’t that look great?!

Next, I’ve got a great Halloween craft for your kids or even for your adult party.

Take these simple items… Coca-Cola bottle, masking tape, thick sharpie, and a black straw.

And turn them into this mummy bottle! Awesome!

Lastly and most importantly, I’m starting a new weekly blog segment – Cooking Tip of the Week! Yay! Why haven’t I been doing this all along? The tips won’t come out on the same day each week, so you’ll just have to check in every day to look for the next tip… oooh good idea, Linda!

Weekly Tip #1

To keep your cutting board from slipping – place a damp tea towel underneath – between the board and the counter. This will make your board stable. No more scary and dangerous slippery cutting boards.

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1 Grandma H. { 10.13.11 at 2:02 PM }

Man, that is a BIG bird cage. I’m off to St. Paul, MN tomorrow to visit a friend. My neighbor has a sister there, so I’m riding along with her & her daughters.

2 Linda Hopkins { 10.13.11 at 2:13 PM }

Thanks Mom, for the sweet comments and have fun in MN! xoxo

3 Shelley { 10.13.11 at 4:11 PM }

The Mummy Bottle is super cute. Elizabeth and her friend can’t wait to make their own 🙂

4 Ginger Tunheim { 10.13.11 at 6:32 PM }

That bird cage looks great! Is this the Peggy I know? Also, I put the rubberized drawer liner under my cutting board. Then I can roll it up and put it right next to the cutting board.

5 Linda Hopkins { 10.13.11 at 6:35 PM }

Hi Ginger, Yes – one in the same! We’re still attached at the hips after all these years. :-0 Love the drawer liner tip, thanks for sharing! xoxo

6 Linda Hopkins { 10.13.11 at 6:36 PM }

Shelley, the mummies are especially cute when they’re filled with milk. Please tell Elizabeth “hi” for me.

7 Cyndi { 10.17.11 at 9:00 PM }

I know why the caged bird sings … because he loves these cages!

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