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Happy 4th of July!

I hope you and yours are having a festive and fun 4th! I’ll be spending mine with Steve, Tram and Fam.  Holidays are always more fun spent with toddlers, especially Zak & Zoey! Above is a cute picture taken earlier this week during their Staycation at the Scottsdale Princess. Adorable!

Yesterday was a whirlwind for me. I was at an appointment when Tram called and asked if I’d be willing and able to do a “grilling tips” segment on 12News at 4:00. Mind you, the call came in at about 11:00, I still had more than 90 minutes left at my appointment, but I can’t say no to her. I was making mental notes of what tips I wanted to give and what I needed to shop for, prep, and pick up at home before I headed to the station in downtown Phoenix.

Straight from the appointment, I went to the grocery store to buy meat, fish, buns, veggies, fruit, a cherry pie, brownies, angel food cake, ice, etc. Then I raced home to load up the ice chests, prep some of the food, and pull out what little 4th of July decorations I have – that isn’t boxed up and in storage.

I changed my clothes and put on fresh make-up, which was basically useless since the segment was to be filmed outside on the 12News patio and it was 107 degrees out, so the make-up would be melting off my face while I was unloading and setting up anyhow. I packed it all up and drove well above the speed limit (not unusual) to get to the station by 3:00.

Here are the two carts of stuff I schlepped down there.

Somehow I was able to get it all set up in time to go Live at 4:00.

I love Mark Curtis. He can make anyone feel calm and at ease.

Plus, his sister-in-law, Jill, and I have known each other for years, so Mark and I always have a lot to catch up on. HERE is a link to the grilling tips segment I did with Mark.

And here is a photo Tram took of her TV at home and posted on Facebook. Obviously, I’m mid-sentence, but at least my decorations look great!

There were two fun tips that I wasn’t able to get to on air. What great ideas are these!?!  I found them on Pinterest, of course. Fill a kiddie pool with ice to keep all your cold food safe and cold.

And freeze water balloons for a fun and colorful ice alternative.

Happy 4th from my home to yours! xoxo

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1 Tram Mai { 07.04.17 at 8:17 AM }

Only YOU can pull this off at the last minute!!!! GREAT JOB as always!! And great tips!!! Thank you so much!!!!! xoxoxo

2 Lori Vento { 07.04.17 at 8:28 AM }

Just watched the video! Crazy amazing are you . . . . . and you looked beautiful doing it! Cannot believe you weren’t prepping for this for days. You just rock girl! Incredible-an love the tips! xoxo

3 Betsy { 07.04.17 at 8:59 AM }

So glad I got to see this. Thanks for the link. Can’t wait to try fish idea

4 Anne { 07.04.17 at 9:21 AM }

You are amazing, Linda!! So proud of you and loved seeing the video!! Happy Independence Day!!..have some well deserved fun and relaxation!! xoxo

5 Shirley Gannarelli { 07.04.17 at 2:21 PM }

Love the fish/lemon tip! Thanks for posting your “new” house/neighborhood…so cute. Have a fab 4th.

6 Al Otter { 07.04.17 at 5:07 PM }

Loved seeing you “at work”, and your new home!

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