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the basic kitchen: pantry

The Basic Kitchen – Pantry


Dry Herbs and Spices

Spice Rack 24 Herbs & Spices (great starter set)

Allspice, ground, and whole
Basil leaves
Bay leaves
Caraway seeds
Cardamom, ground, and pods
Cayenne pepper
Celery seeds
Chervil leaves
Chili powder
Cinnamon, ground, and sticks
Cloves, ground, and whole
Cumin, ground, and seeds
Curry powder
Dill leaves
Dried red pepper flakes
Fennel seeds

Ginger, ground, and crystallized
Juniper berries
Mace, ground, and blades
Marjoram, ground
Mustard, ground, and seeds
Nutmeg, whole
Oregano leaves
Paprika, sweet, hot, and smoked
Peppercorns: black and white
Pickling spices
Poppy seeds
Rosemary leaves
Saffron threads
Sage, ground
Salt: Kosher or Sea
Sesame seeds
Tarragon leaves
Thyme, ground, and leaves
Turmeric, ground
Vanilla Beans and/or Vanilla Paste

Pantry Foods

Artichoke hearts
Baking powder, double-acting
Baking soda
Beans: canned – black, cannellini,
chick-peas, red kidney, refried, and Great Northern white
Beans: dried – black, black-eyed peas
lentils, lima, pinto, kidney, and split peas
Barbecue Sauce
Bouillon cubes and powder: beef, chicken, and vegetable
Broth: beef, chicken, and vegetable
Chili Oil
Chile peppers, dried whole
Chocolate: bittersweet, semisweet
squares and morsels, and unsweetened
Clams: juice, canned whole baby
Cocoa powder, unsweetened
Coconut, shredded
Coffee, beans, and instant espresso
Cornmeal, white, yellow, and polenta
Crackers, a variety
Cream of tartar
Dried fruit, apricots, cranberries, currants, and raisins
Extracts:  almond, mint, and vanilla (always real, not imitation)
Dried bread crumbs
Flour: all-purpose, bread, cake, semolina, and whole-wheat
Gelatin, flavored and unflavored
Horseradish, prepared
Hoisin sauce
Liqueurs: Amaretto, Brandy, Cognac,
Crème de menthe, Grand Marnier, and kirsch, port, schnapps, dark rum
Milk: dry, evaporated & sweetened condensed
Mushrooms: dried – porcini, morels, shiitake
Mustards: Dijon, herb, honey, sweet-hot, and whole-grain
Nuts: almonds-whole, silvered, sliced; hazelnuts, macadamia, peanuts, pecans, pine nut pistachios, and walnuts
Oils: Asian sesame, canola, extra-virgin olive, peanut, safflower, vegetable  or corn, and walnut
Olives: Kalamata, green, Nicoise, black
Oyster sauce
Panko breadcrumbs
Pasta, dried: angel hair, fettuccini, lasagna, linguine, macaroni, penne, rigatoni, and spaghetti
Peanut butter, creamy and chunky
Pesto in jars
Pickles: dill, cornichons, sweet, relish
Preserves: fruit jams, red currant jelly, seedless raspberry
Rice: Arborio, basmati, brown, long-grain converted, wild
Plum sauce
Roasted red peppers, jar
Salad dressings
Soy sauce
Sun-dried tomatoes, packed in oil
Sugars: confectioners’ (powdered), brown- light and dark, granulated
Sweet sauces: fudge, berry, etc
Syrups:corn-light and dark, maple, molasses
Tabasco sauce or hot red pepper sauce
Tea, a variety
Teriyaki sauce
Tuna, other canned fish, crab, oysters, etc.
Vegetable Shortening
Vegetable Oil Spray, such as Pam
Vinegar: white, balsamic, Champagne, Sherry, cider, red wine, white wine, rice, seasoned rice, fruit
Water chestnuts
Wines: Dry white and dry red, Madeira, Marsala, Sherry
Worcestershire sauce
Yeast, dry active – in packets or jar

Refrigerated Foods

Butter, unsalted
Cheeses: cream, Parmesan, Cheddar, Jack
Creams: half-and-half, sour, whipping
Eggs, large
Fresh greens
Deli meats and cheeses
Fresh meats and fish

Many of the foods listed in the pantry area, once opened, need to be kept in the refrigerator, for instance, the condiments; such as mustard, ketchup, salsa, dressing, mayonnaise, etc.

Freezer Foods

Frozen Pizza Dough
Puff Pastry and Phyllo DoughFrozen BerriesBaguette
Assorted frozen vegetables; corn, green beans, peas, chopped spinach, etc.
Frozen pasta; ravioli, tortellini
Meats, poultry, shellfish, and fish
Wonton Wrappers

Many of the foods listed in the pantry area keep very well in the freezer.  If you have an extra freezer move these items from the pantry to the freezer or keep extra stock on hand.  Buy extra when you find it on sale.

Keeping such things as flour, rice, and grains in the freezer helps to keep bugs at bay.  Storing nuts in the freezer keeps the oil in the nuts from going rancid.

Prepared Convenience Foods

Bagged salad greens
Deli Salads
Pre-washed and cut fruits and vegetables
Rotisserie chicken

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