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time for a vootbeer

Vootbeer. Isn’t that a great name? It is a cocktail made with Vodka and Root Beer. And from what I can find, it was created at the Boulder Distillery Home of 303 Vodka. Now, I’m quite certain that people had thought of mixing vodka and root beer for a long time now, but the name Vootbeer – now that is clever.

You know me, I’m all about the freshest and best ingredients you can find and afford.  So using anything other than real whipping cream may seem a bit uncharacteristic, but I couldn’t resist using spray whipped cream topping for this fun cocktail.  A dollop or big spoonful of freshly whipped cream just wouldn’t be as fun.  Believe me, this is the epitome of a fun cocktail.

I am in Pasadena, California today. With Sheila. Again. Yes, we are once again at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. We arrived on Friday in Coronado and have been staying in Sheila’s adorable cottage. This is the cocktail I made for our Friday night Happy Hour/Dinner. More on that tomorrow.  In the meantime, make one of these not-so-child-like drinks for you and your adult friends.

Vootbeer Cocktail

3/4 cup vanilla vodka
1  1/3 cups root beer
Reddi Wip whipped cream topping

Fill 2 glasses with ice.

Mix together vodka and root beer in a large measuring cup or pitcher. Pour over ice in glasses and spray a huge swirl of Reddi Whip on top… make it huge!

Serve with a long ice tea spoon and a straw.  Tastes best when the whipped cream is stirred in a bit.


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1 Marissa { 10.14.12 at 3:47 PM }

Connor probably loved this!

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