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Wind turbine light fixture

At the July Sweet Salvage Occasional Sale, I bought one of those things you see on the roof of that building above.  Now you may be asking yourself, “Why on earth would she buy a wind turbine?”

Or maybe you’re not asking yourself that. Not if you recall this photo I posted from when Dave, Marissa, and I went to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire in July 2011.  Yes, it took me a year to find one and then another couple of months to make it into my new Wind Turbine Hanging Light!

Before I show you mine, check out these three hanging as pendants in this business.

(check out the link for more cool lights made from a birdcage, baskets, Mason jars, mixing bowls, and more!)

And now for the reveal…

Beginning with wide-angle.

Then getting closer

… and closer.

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome! Even Dave likes it. Or so he says. 🙂

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1 Marissa { 10.24.12 at 10:29 AM }

I’m surprised by how pretty that looks! I love it!

2 Lisa { 10.24.12 at 10:36 AM }

You always impress me.

3 Linda Hopkins { 10.24.12 at 12:35 PM }

Aw, you two sweethearts made my day! xox

4 kelly { 10.25.12 at 10:34 AM }

LOVE IT! you are very talented! When can we go to England and dredge for pottery? I am game!

5 Linda Hopkins { 10.25.12 at 10:54 AM }

Kelly! Would that be a great trip or what?!?! I would love that, let’s start saving our pennies for a trip across the pond! oxo

6 Kim Salmans { 10.29.12 at 2:56 PM }

Linda it looks great! I would like to come and vacation on your patio! It looks so peaceful, something this mom is always looking for!

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