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Travel Tuesday

I know it was just one week ago that I said I wasn’t going to continue with the Travel Tuesday feature, but I forgot about something I promised to report back on.

carry on cocktail kit

Nearly three months ago, when I was about to board our flight to Europe, I wrote about these adorable carry-on cocktail kits.

Well, I’m here to report that they were as adorable and fun as expected, with one exception. Let’s just say that there was a Lime Situation. More on that later.


The first cocktail I made in-flight was the Old Fashioned.


I “procured” our mini-bottles of alcohol from the complementary stash in our room on the cruise.

old fashion recipe

So all I need to ask the flight attendant for was a cup of ice and another empty cup.


The drink was fun, easy to make, and ever so refreshing.


Seriously delightful!

Next up was the Gin & Tonic.


Again, I had the gin and the kit came with tonic syrup.

gin tonic recipe card

I need a cup of ice, a can of soda, and a lime (or lemon) wedge from the flight attendant.


OK, I actually had a few issues with this one. Firstly, they have tonic available on planes, so the whole deal of making your own tonic with the syrup and soda seemed a bit of a stretch and silly. Secondly and most importantly, I need LIMES not lemons for a Gin & Tonic.


Evidently, planes don’t have limes, only lemons. I powered through and dealt with the Lime Situation, begrudgingly.

moscow mule recipe card

With the Lime Situation being what it was, there was no point in even attempting the Moscow Mule. A silly little lemon wedge will never be OK in a Mule. Enough said!


Next time, you can bet I’ll be bringing my own limes in-flight and making that Moscow Mule!


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