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the Sweet Salvage occasional sale

place cards


If you’ve read this blog for more than a month or two, you already know that I adore Sweet Salvage and its occasional sale. I’ve written about my monthly obsession nearly two dozen times in the last two years. Sweet Salvage is only open on the 3rd Thursday of each month for four days. The rest of the month the über-talented “Sweet Gang” are out “picking” new merchandise and using it to create mindbogglingly beautiful vignettes – all centered around a fun monthly theme. I’m consistently blown away by the gorgeous scenes these ladies set with their well-priced vintage finds.

sweet salvage storefront


This weekend, Sweet Salvage celebrates its 2-year birthday with the “Chapter Two” themed sale.

pig mold


Each month on the Sweet Salvage Facebook page, there are questions posted that followers may answer to then be entered into a contest. The names of a lucky five are drawn. Then the chosen few receive VIP 15-minute early entry into the sale on the highly anticipated opening day.

mustard pot


Guess who was one of the lucky five to be drawn as a winner this month.  Yeah, ME!


I didn’t realize I’d won until I was sent an alert that blog follower, Betsy, had tagged me in a FB comment. Thank you Betsy for the heads up!

shopping bag

I invited Sheila as my BSB (best shopping buddy) and we had the best time during our 15 minutes of stress-free, first-pick shopping spree. Maybe too much fun in my case. Here is part of what I snagged this month at Sweet Salvage. Ooh, and they gave us a burlap shopping bag too. Sweet!

I’m going, to begin with my favorite find this month, instead of closing with it. That is how EXCITED I am to have found it.

crepe plate

It is a 12-inch round, 2-inch high metal plate with a list of recipe ingredients around the perimeter.

crepe ingredients

Can you figure out what these ingredients make?  (1  1/4 cups flour; pinch of salt; 3 eggs, beaten; 1  1/2 cups milk; 2 tbsp butter, melted)

crepe tin on display

If you guessed “crêpes” – then you are correct. How awesome is this!?! I can not wait to use it to display a sweet or savory stacked crêpe dish… something similar to THIS savory crêpe stack. Oh, how fabulous it will be served on my cool new plate!


I wasn’t only shopping for myself, I found a large metal ampersand for Marissa’s new apartment in San Francisco. It’s double-sided so she can hang it, either way, she likes it best.

candle and mustard pots

Next up, is an old rusty iron piece that they displayed as a plate rack. I think it may have actually been a garden hose hanger, but it looked so cute as a plate rack that that is exactly how I’m going to use it for setting out plates for outdoor buffet dinner parties. Plus a free-form cutting board and tall crystal S&P shakers. And extremely sturdy and heavy white wrought iron candle sticks… plus two French mustard pots.

wicker and metal

I found a great wicker basket and a wicker-wrapped bottle, both in perfect condition. An adorable pig mold and four industrial metal holders, originally used for what – I do not know – but too cute re-imagined by the creative vendor as place card holders.

post no bills

An old business sign that I’m going to hang in Dave’s library/office, just above where I stack the daily mail and bills. Two fabulous old stainless steel lunch trays from either schools, the military, or prison, or maybe all three! You’ll be seeing them used in future recipe posts for sure! (Upon further investigation, I’ve found that these are vintage 1943 U.S. Navy Mess Hall Meal Trays.)

abc cards

Vintage schoolhouse alphabet Battledores ‘First Lessons for Children” learning cards to add to my growing collection of ephemera. Battledores were popular reading tools for children and were widely in use by the mid to late-eighteenth century. Battledores had an emphasis on the alphabet and had a “paddle-like” appearance made of a stiff, folded piece of cardboard. Read more about these great vintage learning tools HERE.


This super cool 1946 AutoBridge playing board. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I’ll hang it in the upstairs playroom with my collection of vintage game-boards … when I redecorate that cavernous room… someday.


A full set of 1930s Keen Kutter heavy flatware and a small metal glass or bottle holder.

Moscow Mule Set

Finally, this awesome copper Moscow Mule drink set. (Do expect a Moscow Mule recipe in the future too.)

You still have time to get over to Sweet Salvage this weekend. They are open until 6 PM today and from 10 AM to 6 PM on Sunday.

P.S. If you subscribe to this blog – first, thank you – and secondly, I’m sorry.

There was a major glitch on the admin side of the website and two emails went out this morning with early editions of unfinished blog posts that you could not access and which directed you to an error page. Thank you, Sheila, for alerting me to the problem. It’s taken me nearly 3 hours to fix the issues, but we should be up and running now. Have a great weekend.

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1 Debbie Elder { 08.17.13 at 12:46 PM }

Love love those S&P shakers! Thanks for the recap.

2 Pat Hopkins { 08.19.13 at 7:24 AM }

I assume you didn’t buy all that stuff in the first 15 minutes. You are something else! Look like great buys & what a wonderful imagination you have to use all of it.

3 Marissa { 08.19.13 at 9:38 AM }

I love my ampersand & my (eventually) Moscow mule set!

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