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October, you forsake me

Each time I commit myself to get back in the blogging groove, something comes along and trips me up.

October, my birth month and historically my favorite month of the year, got off to a tragic start. My older brother, Dennis, passed away.

Dennis and I were close when we were young. When I say close, I mean that we’d alternately fight and get along, exactly like you’d expect siblings who are 18 months apart to fight and get along.

It was just the two of us for about 4 years, then Andy came along and a couple of years later, I finally got my baby sister, Sloane.

Dennis drifted in and out of our family and our lives but not before he left the world a beautiful legacy, his four amazing sons; Joel, Ben, David, and Jeremy. I adore my nephews. I was still in high school when Joel was born. He was my baby doll. Those cute little OshKosh B’Gosh boys are now 39, 37, 35, and 33 years old and live in and around Coeur d’Alene, ID.

Dad, Sloane, and I traveled to Idaho this past weekend to deliver Dennis’s ashes and belongings to his sons. Dad is in the photo above with my beloved sister-in-law, Teresa. Ben, David, Jeremy, and Joel (on the floor) are there, along with Dad’s great-grandkids; Joby, Kelton, Elijah, Aleea, and Dominic. Yes, Dennis most definitely left behind a beautiful legacy. Rest in peace, big brother.

The next setback was an injury to my head. A week before my birthday, I was out walking/jogging early one morning when I tripped and slammed my head into the ground. I will spare you the gruesome photo of the golf-ball-size lump above my right brow. Trust me, it is not appropriate for tasteful viewing. I drove myself to the ER for a CT scan.

All was normal inside (thankfully!) but not so much on the outside. Within hours, my right eye was swollen shut and stayed that way for three days. This photo is the least disturbing in a series of daily photos I’ve taken these last 2+ weeks. The bruising spread from that eye to the other and then down my face to below my cheekbones. A painful lump above my brow remains, but I am on the mend. I have high hopes that all bruising and pain will be gone in the next week or so. Thank God for Advil PM and aspirin.

I know that November is going to be a turning point and things are getting better each day. The family visit was glorious. Coeur d’Alene had its first snow of the season while we were there and family time is always precious time.

Plus … this Wednesday … I close escrow on a new home!

I move in on Friday and begin a new and exciting chapter in my life. That being said, I’m going to be too busy to truly commit to consistent blogging, so please continue to be patient with me.

Alas, since the house closing isn’t until Wednesday, there will be a new post tomorrow. The overdue “My Favorite Trader Joe’s Things”.

In case, I don’t have time to come back before Thanksgiving, please know that there are plenty of great recipes for your big meal. They are here for the taking. Also, please know that I am thankful for each of you and for your continued support and following.












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1 Betsy Storey { 11.06.17 at 6:44 AM }

Oh Linda-
Praying that your November is a great one !! You have my prayers for a smooth move- can’t wait to see pictures of the new place !

2 barbara fenzl { 11.06.17 at 7:52 AM }

I’m so glad the trip to Idaho was fulfilling and healing. With your magic make up, I’m sure no one but you knew how bruised you are, and I hope you continue to improve each day. Keeping you in my prayers –

3 Sheila { 11.06.17 at 9:14 AM }

So excited for you!! Can’t wait to see how your next chapter unfolds, I know it will be beautiful and full of love as that is the essence of your gift. Cheers to new beginnings while holding the past in fond memories. xoxoxo

4 Patti Tucker { 11.06.17 at 9:51 AM }

I’m so sorry you have hit a rough patch. Congratulations on your new home and may November be a turning point for you.

5 Shirley { 11.06.17 at 10:28 AM }

Dear Sweet Linda,
What a month! So sorry about your fall, but grateful that you are on the road to recovery. You will carry the happy memories of your brother, Dennis in your heart forever. On a brighter note, congratulations on your new home and a new chapter in your life. It looks beautiful; I am so excited for you. I will be praying that 2018 will be “YOUR” year! xo

6 Joanne { 11.06.17 at 2:55 PM }


I am so sorry to hear about your brother. Such very sad news for the entire family.

Are you continuing to heal? I hope both your body AND heart can do some good healing soon.

On the brighter side, I wish you GREAT happiness in your new home. You are really missed here — but you DO know that you are a lifetime Manor Girl!


7 Laura { 11.06.17 at 2:57 PM }

Wow you have had a lot going on. Please call if you need someone to get you to the doctors. I hope the eye is healing quickly. I hope you got a lot of closure with your brother and his kids. I am excited that you are moving into a new home.
Love, Laura

8 Sloane Hansen { 11.06.17 at 3:38 PM }

Thank you for putting together our Idaho trip and for taking care of all details, just like you always do!

9 Al Otter { 11.06.17 at 6:42 PM }

Thank you for the picture of your family and of Dennis’s

10 Linda Hopkins { 11.06.17 at 7:22 PM }

I thank you all! You are the best and I am so blessed to have this community of love and support. Hugs and Kisses to all! xoxo

11 Teresa { 11.06.17 at 7:51 PM }

Linda, “the boys” and I will forever be grateful for the time we got to spend together to say goodbye to Dennis. It was pure joy to be with you, Sloane and your Dad – laughing, crying and cooking together in the kitchen. I’m so excited for you to get past the bumps – literally and figuratively – and to start a new season in your new home. Onward and Upward. Love you forever and ever!

12 Linda Hopkins { 11.07.17 at 12:29 PM }

My sweet Saint Teresa, you make me cry. I love you to pieces!

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