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it’s that time of year…

… summer kids cooking classes begin on Monday! I spent the entire day yesterday shopping, cleaning, clearing off the kitchen counters, pulling out the school supplies, and generally working my rear off!

Remember how excited I was back in July when I set up my cute little vignettes around the kitchen?

Yeah, those had to go, to make room for the 5 cooking stations for the 10 kids who will fill the kitchen, beginning at 10:30 on Memorial Day.

Here is what my counters look like now.

Seriously Boring!

There is a crockpot on the back counter and a pot on the stove, because I only had a few minutes to throw some pork in the crockpot before I headed out on my usual “cooking school grocery runs” – which included – Fry’s, Safeway, Trader Joe’s, Costco, Whole Foods, and even Micheal’s (I couldn’t find all the colors of decorating gels I needed at the grocery stores, so I had to go into Micheals – hate that!)

And this is what my kitchen desk now holds…

Stacks of glass and metal bowls, liquid and dry nesting measuring cups, measuring spoons, multitudes of cooking utensils, and even onion goggles – all standing at the ready. If I’m being completely honest, I need to have a huge clearout in the kitchen (and the house in general).

I was so excited to find this cool rack with 10 hooks, at Sweet Salvage last weekend! It is perfect for the aprons, all lined up in a row and ready for use.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the recipe for the easy and very tasty pulled pork sandwiches I made in that crockpot.

Right now, I need to go find Connor and get him to help me drag out the huge and very heavy black rubber floor mats from the storage shed – it is our least favorite job of the summer!

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1 Pat { 05.26.12 at 10:30 AM }

So Connor is home, and I assume he made it home for his 21st birthday. Not only did I love those pictures, but I should have also said I love that boy (whoops–man)!

2 Ronnie Jaap { 05.26.12 at 12:33 PM }

Think of all those little smiling faces who LOVE cooking with LHOP!

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