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House Tour Pt. 1

First things first! I must thank you for your kind, loving and encouraging words here and on Facebook. It truly gives me the strength and determination to keep moving forward and onward. I’m sending you virtual hugs and kisses! xoxo

I’m going to start the house tour on the outside and share with you what I did the first week I moved in; the front courtyard. Moving can be quite a stressful time for many people, me included. But by having the ability to rent crates and moving boxes, this made it a lot easier for me. I had a lot of things to move, so this worked out for me in the end.

I live very close to busy Tatum Blvd., close enough that I could see the traffic whiz by outside my front door and front two windows. Thankfully, the way the house is situated, prevents the noise from being noticeable in the backyard, but the front needed a barrier, so a courtyard was the answer. We thought the noise would be too much of a problem and that we would have to look place like these Beaufort homes for sale. However, we decided that the noise was bearable! I checked with the city on the possibility of building the courtyard before putting in an offer on the house. If it would not have been doable, I would not have purchased the house. Obviously, it worked out. Some people find that moving is the best option for them, so they look for Homes For Sale In Costa Mesa, CA.

Moving day was November 10, 2017.

Demo of the front patio began on November 13th. I’m not one to waste time. I have to live up to my life motto, “Get Shit Done!”

As if that was not enough, I was having a propane tank installed in the back so that I could have my all important gas range AND the demo on the inside double-sided fireplace began on November 15th. Because, honestly, if you don’t have at least four major things being done at the same time, what’s the point?

More on the awe-inspiring fireplace next week.

My dear friends, Tram and Steve, recommended the people I used for the courtyard and who I am using for the current backyard and pool remodel.

The wonderful Garden Plus Landscape and Pools do the most amazing work. They are quick, clean, efficient, trustworthy, competitively priced and above all, kind. Honestly, I can’t recommend them highly enough!

They had the courtyard (and a new mailbox) done in 8 days! I talking completely done; demo, wall built, pavers in place, irrigation, planted, painted, gate installed, mailbox post constructed, cleaned up and done in basically a week.

This photo was taken on November, 20th which was 1 week after the project began on November 13th. The gate was installed the next day.

Below are some before and after photos of the front of the house. After all the work was finished, we washed everywhere down and had the windows cleaned and the gutters cleared out by Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Kansas City. You may notice a new exterior paint job too. That only happened last week. Once I removed all the boxes and furniture that sat on the back patio for over 3 months, it was brought to my attention that the house had five different exterior paint colors. Something I had not noticed. How I missed that, I’ll never know! Now the house has only two colors, I’m calling them caramel and chocolate, because … why not!?!?

Front elevation before courtyard with various colors of paint and flimsy mailbox.

With courtyard, a new paint job and a sturdy mailbox.

Before courtyard.

With courtyard but before paint job.

With courtyard and paint job.

Another view.

This is the courtyard today.

Next week, we’ll go inside.

Until then, thanks for coming along. Wishing you a great weekend!

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1 Shelley J. { 03.23.18 at 6:24 AM }

Linda, you are truly inspirational! You are such a strong and courageous person. I can imagine how tough it is to make such decison but I’m also confident that if anyone can come through this happier, it would be you! Elizabeth and I wish you the very best!

2 Sheila { 03.23.18 at 8:34 AM }

Spectacular! You are unstoppable!!! LOVE the new, improved Lindaland!!

3 Ginger { 03.23.18 at 9:43 AM }

Linda, it is beautiful! You are such a special person inside and out. You are a very strong person. Can’t wait to see more pictures. I am sure is is beautiful and amazing.

4 Linda Hopkins { 03.28.18 at 9:06 PM }

Shelley, Sheila and Ginger, thank you all for you uplifting, sweet and kind words. xoxo

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