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helpful hint and lots of hair

I was overdue for a haircut and color. Long overdue! Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for my hair, and as you can see, I’ve got a lot of it to work with!

hair frizzers

People with straight hair don’t always understand why people with curly hair don’t EVER let a comb or brush touch their dry hair.

Curly wet hair may have a comb, brush or even fingers run through it.

Curly dry hair… NO!

lions mane

Here is why! It turns into a lion’s mane! The erased face belongs to me. The colorist/stylist has to comb out the hair to apply the color, so this is what happens.

Lovely! Nothing is as wonderful as looking in the mirror and seeing Roseanne Roseannadanna staring back at you!


After the color and cut, this is the more manageable and less scary effect. As you can see, I really needed that color. The summer’s highlights had grown out and the result was bad! Welcome winter and warmer color.

That’s it for the “hair” part of the post. The “helpful hint” part is next and was such a revelation that I just have to share.

I was talking to my stylist about how it is possible that she doesn’t get hair dye all over her clothes and what sort of dye she uses. She was telling me that back in school, she got dye on her all the time. But the school uniform was black, so thankfully it didn’t show. She said that the real problem was when bleach got on the black uniform. Then she shared with me that the way to fix that was to just dab on a bit of black hair dye to cover the bleach stain.

What? A stain to cover a stain. Brilliant!

bleach splatter

I told her how Connor has two pairs of black chef’s pants, that were not cheap, had accidentally been splashed and splattered with bleach.

bleach splash

She gave me a partial tube of black hair dye and said that if I brushed it on the bleached-out spots and let it sit for 20 minutes before laundering, it would be nearly good as new.

black dye

So, I brushed it on. Onto the splashed pant leg of one pair of pants.

apply the dye

And on the splattered legs of the other pair.

no more splash

She was right! It was a bit more effective on the splatter than on the splash, but I’ll reapply before the next washing and see if that blends in even better.

no more splash

Look at that! A Life-Hack that I can really use.

Almost makes the 3 hours and $200+ I spent at the salon worth it!

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1 Denise { 12.18.14 at 9:29 AM }

oh boy can I relate. It takes a village to keep my hair from looking like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket. I wish you had seen me yesterday in the rain ­čśŤ Maybe not quite as curly as yours because mine is longer, but close! Mia- forget it- she may as well be a woman of color when her hair really gets going……Think Oprah with that big wig she wears….

2 Linda Hopkins { 12.18.14 at 11:15 AM }

I hear ya, sista!

3 Ruth { 12.18.14 at 8:16 PM }

Linda….I know exactly what you mean!!!!

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