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Free Cooking Class – 2 CHANCES TO WIN!

How would you like to win a free adult cooking class in Phoenix, Arizona? Are you available on the evening of Wednesday, March 2, 2011? Are you in the Valley of the Sun? Then this is for you!!!

Here’s the deal:

1. Make a comment on this post; not a comment on Facebook, not a tweet on Twitter, do not send me an email … just comment on this post to be eligible to win. What kind of comment? I don’t care – you can just say, “I want to win.” or “Linda, pick me.” or “Hey Linda, I love your blog!

2. Several of my local followers are already enrolled in the class, it would be totally unfair to leave you out! You can still leave a comment, but instead of coming to the class for free (since you’ve already paid!), you (and only you!) will be eligible to win one of these three cookbooks in which I have a featured recipe – in place of the free class.

If you win – just tell me which one you want – I will sign it and bring it to class on Wednesday.  AND, even if one of my students wins, 2 names will still be drawn to attend the class for free.

3.  If you are not enrolled in the classes, you are not eligible to receive a cookbook instead. There is only one objective to this contest – to give away 2 free cooking classes. And that class is on Wednesday, March 2, 2011, from 6:30 – 9:00 PM in North Central Phoenix at Barbara Fenzl’s Les Gourmettes Cooking School. No other dates are available, if you can’t come on March 2nd…. so sorry, that is the free deal.  If your name is drawn out of all the entries tossed in the big salad bowl, and you can’t come to the class on Wednesday, March 2nd – you may not send someone else in your place. Instead, you win nothing and another name will be drawn from the bowl. Also, you must be at least 18 years old to participate… after all this is an adult cooking class.

4.  So, leave me a comment and have a chance to win.  A very unbiased person (my cleaning lady, Gabby) will draw the names of the two winners out of the salad bowl on Saturday morning. I will contact the winners by email and then post the winners’ names – after they confirm they will attend the class. That’s all there is to it – now, get busy and leave that comment!


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1 Kim Carson { 02.24.11 at 9:02 AM }

You are too funny! I would love to join you at the cooking class on the 2nd. I’m sure it will be very entertaining. Good luck to all the entrants!

2 Linda Hopkins { 02.24.11 at 9:04 AM }

Kim, first one in the salad bowl! Good luck to you!

3 Pro Blogger News { 02.24.11 at 9:15 AM }

Peace n prosperity Linda Hopkins, I come to your website often but I am usually a lurker. I decided I’d finally post a comment for post saying how much I love visiting your blog as I think your writing is both exciting and helpful. Keep your blog up-to-date and you have a visitor for life, glad to meet you,thanks.

4 Carol Trombino { 02.24.11 at 11:12 AM }

Hi Linda,

Would love to see you cook in the kitchen, smell the wonderful smells and sample the incredible food. Love your blog!
Have a great day!

5 sloane { 02.24.11 at 11:47 AM }

I love Lindas BLOG! I Love Linda! I want to go! Pick me Pick me!

6 Laura Williams { 02.24.11 at 12:50 PM }

I secretly creep your blog and FB…try many of your recipes…Amy K’s Taco Soup is now a family fav….have known her for years and had no idea she had such a great recipe. (by the way…ty Amy!) Thanks for sharing. Would love to attend one of your classes!!

7 Sharon { 02.24.11 at 12:58 PM }

C’mon Gabby!

I have never been able to attend one of your classes so thank you for this contest. I’m praying Gabby picks my name. I’ll start the novena with St. Martha now – I heard she was patron saint of cooks. 🙂

8 Nicole { 02.24.11 at 4:36 PM }

I’d love to join the cooking class! I just read about you in the AZ magazine and can’t wait to see what else your blog has to offer!

9 Bonnie F. { 02.24.11 at 7:23 PM }

I want be there to see you more relaxed than you and Barbara were last night!!

10 Patti Pullen { 02.24.11 at 8:14 PM }

Of course I would LOVE to come to one of your cooking classes! Why should my daughter be the only one in the family to benefit from your amazing talents. Plus….I want to see you!! xxoo

11 Didi Johnson { 02.24.11 at 9:23 PM }

I would love love love to attend your cooking class…Bella still talks about your garden….fingers crossed!!!

12 Angela G. { 02.24.11 at 11:08 PM }

Pick me, pick me, pick me! Haha. Seriously though I’d love to take a class and provide my family with new tastes and combinations since sometimes they get stuck with the mom-works-and-goes-to-grad-school-full-time-routine! Food is an art and sometimes you just gotta change it up a bit and learn from others. Isn’t that the art of teaching as well…taking others ideas and making them your own?! I believe it is the same with cooking – a new spin on it to make it fresh and interesting.

13 Ronnie Jaap { 02.25.11 at 7:30 AM }

I love your cooking classes. You always make them so fun and, of course, everything is “to-die-for” delicious. Pick me!

14 Lisa { 02.25.11 at 10:41 AM }

Pick me, pick me:) Maybe I won’t steal Marissa’s bars if I win! xo

PS I just read about you in AZ magazine too!

15 Tina { 03.04.11 at 9:14 AM }

Hi Linda,
Would love to cook with you!!! I have heard amazing reviews about your cooking classes…I hope I win!

16 Linda Hopkins { 03.04.11 at 11:42 AM }

Hi Tina, sadly the contest is over… but stay tuned, other opportunities will come again.

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