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crafts 101

My son is an artist. My daughter is a writer. I am a cook. And my husband…. well, he is really super-duper good at math. Three out of four creative people in the same family is not bad!  But when it comes to crafts, we are all worthless.

Here is a little example story I will share with you. Many years ago my friend Lorie and I were shopping and saw these gorgeous votive holders covered in glass stones… you know, the little glass stones that look like marbles, but with a flat side. They were expensive, and we said to each other, “We can make those ourselves!” Don’t you say that all the time too – when you see something you like but can’t afford?  I do, and then I never end up doing it or forget about it by the time I get home.  Anyhow, we bought all the supplies to make the glass covered glasses. Did you know that it is very difficult to glue glass to glass! You need really heavy-duty epoxy and a ton of patience.

We invited our friends, Peggy and Anne, to make the jars with us (because misery loves company!) and we all gathered at Lorie’s house. We sat around Lorie’s kitchen table making our little glass covered glasses and we laughed and cursed and talked, and cursed and laughed some more.  The little glass pieces would look like they were sticking just fine, and then suddenly they’d begin to slide down the glass jar all at once! Aggravating, to say the least, but we prevailed and each ended up with pretty little jars.  We cleaned up and piled into my car, jars in tow, and headed home.  About three-quarters of the way, I came to the realization that I was high, high as a kite!  Stupidly, I went on, dropped of Peggy and Anne, and by “the grace of God” made it home in one piece. High? How did that happen? I was drug free – seriously! I honestly didn’t know the answer until the next morning with a clearer head … it was the really heavy-duty epoxy and no ventilation!  Did I mention this was in chilly December or how I (we, in this case) have a tendency to not read warning labels, and that we laughed and laughed?  I have no idea where my little jars are today, somewhere in this house, I’m sure. Point of this little story? I am not a craft person.

But this time is different! This time I easily prevailed in a craft project and I am sharing my victory with you, because if I can do it – anyone can do it! Guaranteed!

I made Chalkboard Bottles! Aren’t they so cute? Great to use as menu boards or place cards or notice boards, or … heck, they are cute for almost anything!  Now I just need someone with a steady hand and pretty penmanship (almost anyone would qualify) to write on my boards for me!

So start drinking wine and save those bottles!

Chalkboard Bottles

Empty wine or liquor bottles
Goo Gone or just good old elbow grease (as my dad calls it)
Drop cloth or other such material
Chalkboard spray paint (which I found at Home Depot)

Remove the labels from the bottles.  Use Goo Gone or elbow grease to completely remove the label glue. Wash and dry completely.

Layout drop cloth, newspaper, or cardboard (or just do it directly on your driveway, I don’t care).  

Spray the dry bottles with the chalkboard spray paint, following instructions on the can (always a good idea- I learned the hard way!).  Allow to dry – in an Arizona “dry heat” summer, this takes between 17 and 19 seconds.  Repeat at least 2 more times, or basically until you are happy with how much paint you have on each bottle.

Allow to dry for 24 hours before using. Prepare for use by rubbing the side of chalk over the surface. Erase. Now your chalkboard bottle is ready to use.


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1 Peggy M { 07.22.11 at 10:34 AM }

Oh my God. I still have my marble candle holders! And I know exactly where they are (unlike someone I know…) I can’t wait to do this new project, Linda. No problem getting empty wine bottles from my house! I will start emptying and collecting them at noon today 🙂

2 Linda Hopkins { 07.22.11 at 10:51 AM }

Peggy! I LOVE YOU! Noon? Well it is Friday, maybe I will join you. xoxoxo

3 Ronnie { 07.22.11 at 11:31 AM }

Can’t wait to make 4: C A B I and drop some xmas lights inside them to add to my Hostess Preview decorations!

4 Linda Hopkins { 07.22.11 at 11:32 AM }

Cute idea, Ronnie!

5 Nancy { 07.22.11 at 12:34 PM }

I love this paint! You can buy gallons of similar paint and go crazy on your walls too…..think Connor. Anyhow, laughed through the blog, again it sounds “so you” and love the comment “or just go to your driveway, I don’t care” and can imagine some person doing that, with big old black splotches everywhere. What a hoot! Good job and good blog, oh I love getting wifi on the boat, so I can get gems like this! xoxoxo Nancy & Zada – who kind of pride themselves on being, um, “crafty”!

6 Linda Hopkins { 07.22.11 at 12:53 PM }

Oh, I know, my crafty friend, you and Zada rock it out on crafts! While in Wisconsin earlier this month, Jen and I actually did the bottles with paint from the can… but I found the spray was much quicker, easier, and drip free. So while people can use the canned paint (especially if they already have it on hand), for those of less talented sorts, I recommend the spray! xoxo

7 Christie { 07.22.11 at 1:54 PM }

So glad you found it! I didn’t look in the right place! I have gotten so many compliments on the stand…I had an extra and put it in my booth and it got stolen! Can you imagine someone walking out with that under their jacket! Have a great day!

8 Lorie { 07.22.11 at 2:17 PM }

Ok, you totally brought a smile to my face today! And just like Peggy I know exactly where mine are all these years later!! I gifted one to my sister Cathy and she still has hers….Linda if you are up to showing us how to do this in person I will host the craft party and promise to open the doors this time! BTW Peggy is right noon is always the best time to start a craft project 🙂

9 Dave { 07.22.11 at 6:45 PM }

Um, I kind of resent the inferences. You can be pretty crafty with numbers as well. At least I get well paid for that.

10 Marissa { 07.22.11 at 7:16 PM }

The table still sitting in the garage could use some painting….

11 Linda Hopkins { 07.22.11 at 7:42 PM }

ahh… Dave, you are very crafty with numbers (and creative too!) sorry, for the slight on that! And Marissa, that is YOUR craft project, not mine! BUT, if you want it chalkboard painted, I CAN DO THAT! xoxoox 🙂

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