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TV hacks, tips, etc.

My dear friend, Tram Mai, morning anchor on 12News, and I have filmed several little segments for her morning show recently. The first one aired yesterday.


Tram sent me a LINK. This one is all about how to easily peel soft fruits.

Future clips include proper table setting, how to grill pizza, a homemade all-purpose cleaning solution, packing hacks, and more.

Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes yesterday! I want to tell you that I kept my word and didn’t complain about the heat for the rest of the day yesterday … but today is a new day and the photo below says it all!


Just to let you know how ridiculously unseasonably hot this is – the year that I was born, the high temperature on October 27th was 79 degrees. This new record is one that I don’t appreciate being associated with my birthday!






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1 Amy G { 10.28.16 at 2:23 PM }

I’m a day late with the birthday wishes…hope you had a great
“Record Breaking” day!
Hey, I’m with you….when I looked at my car t-stat and saw 103 degrees yesterday afternoon, I rushed home, fixed a frosty gin & tonic, and called it a day!!!

2 Bonnie F. { 10.28.16 at 7:27 PM }

Happy belated! My birthday was on the HOTTEST day in Phx! 122 degrees! One advantage is always knowing the answer when playing trivia games! Hope your day was not only HOT but HAPPY and you have a HEALTHY coming year!

3 Kelly { 10.29.16 at 10:05 AM }

Awesome segment, beautiful Linda! Look forward to the others that are coming up! : )
Happy Happy Birthday!

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