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I’m having a bit of a birthday hangover today… not from too much alcohol… rather from just Too Much!

Dave went way overboard when it came to gifts this year. The flower arrangement arrived on Friday. Aren’t they beautiful?

On Saturday morning, he and Connor left the house to “run some errands” which I knew meant they were off to wrap presents at Dave’s office.

I was busy making the soup, that I promise to post tomorrow when they arrived home and made about a half dozen trips from the car to the breakfast table with stack upon stacks of wrapped boxes. It looked like Christmas, just without the tree! There were 22 gifts! What? That is crazy!

Here is what happened. I told Dave that what I would like for my birthday and for Christmas this year was the new 12-piece “12 Days of Christmas” set of serving pieces from Pottery Barn.

My idea was that he could purchase the full set (less expensive than buying individually) and then when the kids or my dad asked me what I wanted for either event, I’d say, “Ask your dad (or son-in-law, as the case may be) and he’ll let you know.”

Then the kids or my dad could just give Dave the money for whichever piece they wanted to give me and it would be super easy for everyone involved. I get what I want, they don’t have to go out shopping, or rack their brains about what to give.

It’s the same thing we used to do when the kids were little. I’d buy the entire set of American Girl doll things for Marissa or the full set of Brio train sets for Connor and their grandparents would then just pay me for the item they wanted to give. Good deal, right?

So Dave tries to order the full set from Pottery Barn and they say that it is back-ordered until December 8. He orders it and figures he will give it to me for Christmas.

Then he goes shopping for birthday gifts on his own. He gets me DVDs of SNL and Downton Abby, a “Learn French” program, plus a huge spa day at the Scottsdale Princess, and as if that wasn’t enough … gift cards to my favorite stores!  All of this is already a ton of stuff! Dave correctly figures, “Problem solved.”

…until all 12 items from Pottery Barn arrive ahead of schedule, at his office, the day before my birthday.

Now most sane people would just hold half the gifts until Christmas, not my husband. He gives them ALL to me for my birthday!


I know!

Now you see why I say I’m hungover!  Not only were there all the gifts, the boys also treated me like a queen all day.

Took me shopping at Pottery Barn to spend one of those gift cards. I used it to buy these sweet little covered dishes that I plan to use on Thanksgiving.

They also took me out for sangria, nachos, and a cheese crisp at Blanco in the late afternoon because I wanted to take photos of the Borgata before it gets torn down.

I still can’t believe they are going to tear down the Borgata, read about it HERE, if you haven’t heard about it already.

They also bought me an ice cream cake from Cold Stone AND we went out to dinner to ShinBay.

It was out-of-this-world fabulous!

We can not wait to go back again!

Thank you, not only to my wonderful boys but also to my sweet girl! Thank you for the phone call, for the lovely card with the usual tear-inducing sentiments, and for the perfect gift…

I love the Julia Child towel, and I love all of you!

Now I need to go take some aspirin.


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1 Lisa { 10.28.12 at 12:12 PM }

Well done to your family! And you deserve it:) xo

2 Amy Kilpatrick { 10.28.12 at 12:26 PM }

You deserve every ounce of spoiling my dear friend! Now I just wish we ended your bday night by drinking and giggling in your jacuzzi! Hee hee

3 dagmar { 10.28.12 at 12:33 PM }

OH, you are so lucky…those “12 Days of Christmas” are on my want list on pinterest…I’ll be lucky to receive one for Xmas… I’m so envious, but you do deserve them! What a great Birthday! 🙂

4 Marissa { 10.28.12 at 1:41 PM }

Holy crap. I am so impressed with the boys! The truly most impressive part is how nice and clean shaven Connor looks. You know he really loves you when the mountain man cleans up for your birthday 🙂

5 Pat { 10.28.12 at 1:41 PM }

It sounds like you really had a wonderful day! I’ll be looking for those dishes you plan to use on Thanksgiving, because I’ll be there! Also, it looks like you’re keeping Connor clean-shaven & shorn. Great pictures of my darling grandson!

6 Ronnie Jaap { 10.28.12 at 1:56 PM }

How special! A day for a queen and you deserve every bit of it!

7 Tram Mai { 10.29.12 at 10:59 AM }

SO HAPPY for you!! You deserve ALL OF IT!!! XOXO

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