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Germany and Austria

Linderhof ticket

As I mentioned in the last post, before we joined up with the land-tour portion of our river cruise, we were on our own. First in Munich with Hope & Nick and then in a rented car as we traveled toward Switzerland.

Linderhof Palace2

We visited two of the three castles of King Ludwig, king of Bavaria from 1864 until his death in 1886.

Linderhof Palace

First, we toured through the Rococo-style Linderhof Palace.

Linderhof Palace fountail

The grounds were especially beautiful with a breathtaking fountain.

Sleeping Beauty's castle (1)

Next, we went through the fairy-tale Romanesque-style Neuschwanstein Castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle

It honestly looks like Sleeping Beauty’s castle!

Neuschwanstein kitchen4

Not surprisingly, my favorite part of this castle was the kitchen.

Neuschwanstein molds

Neuschwanstein kitchen5

Neuschwanstein kitchen1

I’d love to get my hands on all those copper pots and the vast variety of vintage molds!

Neuschwanstein kitchen jewels


In between touring the two, we walked around the charming and equally fairy-tale-worthy town of Oberammergau. Oberammergau is famous for its frescoes or trompe-l’œil of fairy tales and religious scenes on many of its buildings and homes.

Hansel and Gretel

I am certain that this is where Hansel and Gretel lived.

Oberammergau painted buildings

Oberammergau charm

To get to Zürich, Switzerland, and join up with our land-tour group, we had the choice to either continue to drive north through Germany or to go a more southerly route and hit Austria along the way. Austria it was!


We made a lunch stop in Austria and it was there that I discovered one of my new “favorite things.”

almdudle 50 jahre

Throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, when you order a beer and some other beverages, you get a bottle of beer and matching glass.

3 beir

I suppose that happens in the States too, a bottle of Coke and a Coke glass. But I’ve never seen glasses as cute as these! If I’d been carrying a larger purse (snag-bag) you can bet I would have been tempted to take each and everyone I came across.

edelweiss bier

And I came across A LOT of temptations! As it was, I had to settle for pocketing the various beer coasters that are presented with each beverage.

I’ll be using them when I host my German-Swiss Dinner Party!








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1 Marissa { 08.08.16 at 6:48 AM }

That does look just like the Sleeping Beauty castle!

2 kim howard { 08.08.16 at 9:22 AM }

I loved the matching beer glasses at well. I am not a beer drinker but would order one just to be surprised by the vessel.

3 Linda Hopkins { 08.08.16 at 9:40 AM }

Kim, I’d not call myself a great beer drinker either, but I drank more beer in those two weeks than I had in the past 2 years!

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