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The Black & White Halloween Mantel

I believe I have created my best Halloween mantel EVER!

It’s kinda hard to get a decent picture with the windows on either side of the fireplace, so I had to wait until dark, which wasn’t much better. This one was taken at night with a flash.

And this one was taken at night without a flash. Neither do it justice, but maybe some closeups will.

This is the left side of the mantel. Skulls, Glitter, and Glitz are part of the theme.

This is the view as we move more toward the center. I spray painted white paper doilies black and then cut and taped them to the pillar and taper white candles.

I purchased the vintage photos and flashcards at Sweet Salvage earlier this month.

But the real Sweet Salvage find was a bounty of vintage pharmaceuticals I found! I call it the “Poison Apothecary.”  You can not begin to imagine just how awesome it is!

The inhaler set is amazing! It was the only one of items that was not still sealed. While researching the age of this stuff, I found a photo of the same set in a London museum.

How about that?!

More of the items; cool bottles and boxes. The bottle of Mucin is just the neatest thing.

It has this ribbon pull on the back and a wax seal on the top. It is the weirdest creepy color of dark green.

So just how “vintage” are these things? After extensive “Google” searching, it appears they are from the early 1920’s. Kinda scary, especially since half of them have “poison” written on them! Thankfully there are no young children in my house.

I haven’t even gotten out my Halloween decorations yet… yep, this is all new stuff.

But when I do, the chemistry set that I found last year will take it’s rightful place on the hearth.

If you haven’t started decorating yet, tomorrow is October 1st, so get to it!

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1 Marissa { 09.30.12 at 12:18 PM }

Looks awesome!

2 Mindi { 10.04.12 at 8:13 PM }

It looks great!!! 🙂 Love all the details. I decided to do the black and white theme with my mantel this year too. It’s all complete just putting the photos together to share on my blog on Sunday. We have two windows on the same wall as our mantel too. It is SO hard to photograph. I find if I shoot in RAW and use a tripod I can get better photos.

3 Linda Hopkins { 10.04.12 at 8:38 PM }

Can’t wait to see your photos Mindi. Thanks for the tips, I’ll try that next time.

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