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Olympic sliders

A quick note before we get to today’s recipe: If you read yesterday’s post about the amazing cauliflower, you’ll recall that I said my friend, Ronnie had the dish at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans. Ronnie sent me a fabulous photo of the hotel lobby all decked out for Christmas. It’s a must-see, so I’ve added it to the bottom of that post, for all to enjoy. Check it out!

So… I heard about an amazing snack that is served at a bar in Brooklyn. The bar is called Pork Slope and the appetizer  – Is chicken & Waffle Sliders. How perfect would that have been for the Super Bowl?!?

pork slope slider


Dang it. Oh well, you know what I did? I served it as our Official Olympics Opening Ceremony Snack. Yeah, take that lopsided 2014 Super Bowl! You were not worthy of these Olympic sliders!

olympic snack

I found a recipe online, changed it just a tad… and …. it was a major hit with my two guys.

waffle grocery

A quick word about the frozen waffles. The recipe I found called for Aunt Jemima’s frozen square waffles. I could not find Aunt Jemima waffles at my grocery store, nor could I find square waffles. Belgium waffles – that was all they had in any and all brands. The closest thing to a square that I was able to find were octagonal waffles.

2 buns

What you want to use for each slider is four squares of a waffle for the top “bun” and another four square piece for the bottom “bun.”  Here is what I did.

stop sign waffle

Take a waffle.

3 buns each

Cut 3 “four square” pieces from each waffle.

6 waffles, 18 pieces, 9 sliders

A package of 6 frozen octagonal waffles yielded 9 sliders. Here’s the math:

6 waffles = 18 “buns” = 9 sliders

 chicken and waffle sliders

Chicken & Waffle Sliders with Spicy Maple Syrup

syrup stuff

Spicy Maple Syrup
1 cup maple syrup
2 tablespoons Sriracha sauce
2 tablespoons Frank’s RedHot Original Sauce

fry bacon

2 boneless skinless chicken breasts
6 frozen waffles
1 cup Greek plain yogurt
1 cup Frank’s RedHot Original Sauce
6 strips thick-cut bacon, cut in half crossways and cooked crisp
3 slices pepper Jack cheese, each quartered (you’ll have 3 extra pieces for a “chef treat”)
1 ½ cups rice flour, divided
Vegetable oil, for deep-frying
Pinch of salt

Spicy syrup

Spicy Maple Syrup: Whisk together all ingredients and set aside.


Sliders: Combine the yogurt and Frank’s RedHot Original Sauce in a large ziplock bag. Cut chicken breasts into 2 x 4-inch strips.  Add chicken strips to bag, zip bag closed and massage to coat chicken with the marinade. Refrigerate to marinate for at least 5 hours or up to overnight.

Pour at least 4 inches of vegetable oil into a large pot. Make sure the oil does not fill the pot more than halfway. Use a high-temperature thermometer and heat the oil to 350 degrees.

flour and batter

Divide the rice flour between two medium bowls, 3/4 cup in the first bowl and 3/4 cup in the second bowl.

Leave the first bowl as is. Mix  1  1/2 cups water; add a pinch of salt into the other bowl and whisk into a batter. Be certain to whisk the batter again before coating the chicken, as the rice flour will settle to the bottom of the bowl as it sits.

Toss the marinated chicken into the bowl with the dry rice flour until covered with rice flour.


Then coat the chicken in the batter and carefully drop in the hot oil. Cook until the cooked through and golden brown all over.


Using tongs, remove the chicken from the oil and lay it on paper towels to drain.

pepper jack cheese

Meanwhile, toast all the waffles to a golden brown under a broiler or in a toaster oven. Then place the cheese squares on half of the waffle squares and return to the oven until the cheese is melted.

chicken and waffle sliders3

Build each slider by placing a couple of fried chicken strips on one of the “cheese-free” waffles, place a strip of bacon on top of the chicken, and lay a cheese waffle on top, cheese side down. Place a skewer in the slider to hold it together. Repeat with remaining ingredients.

chicken and waffle sliders1

Place 3 sliders on each plate. Sauce with the spicy maple syrup. Pass remaining syrup.

chicken and waffle sliders2

Makes 9 waffle sliders

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1 Denise { 02.12.14 at 8:42 AM }

Mia had chicken and waffles at a restaurant in Tucson over the weekend and she is still talking about them. This is a very timely blog, she will be thrilled if I am make these for her 🙂

2 Linda Hopkins { 02.12.14 at 8:55 AM }

I hope you do, Denise and then be sure to let me know if it lived up to her expectations. BTW, if you can’t find rice flour in a regular grocery store, you can find it at any Asian market.

3 Betsy { 02.12.14 at 9:07 AM }

I fry nothing if I can help it– could I just use baked chicken strips

4 Linda Hopkins { 02.12.14 at 9:11 AM }

Betsy, Yes, that would be absolutely fine and easier!

5 Tram Mai { 02.12.14 at 10:14 AM }

OMG! I give this a 10 and you a gold medal!!!! xoxo

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