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back – hopefully not forgotten


I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I took a little “blog vacation” and didn’t post for six straight days, my longest stretch of “time off” in 5 years! Coincidentally, my 5-year Blogiversary was on Saturday, August 16th … and I missed it!


Seems like a rather big day to miss, but missed it I did. The bad part about that is  … I was planning on holding a contest on the auspicious occasion, giving you a chance to win something very cool.

What to do?

How about we have the contest later in the week? In the meantime, start thinking about your favorite recipe that I’ve posted in these past five years. That will somehow be worked into the contest. Until then, another recipe for your consideration.

Roasted Fresh Figs Stuffed with Sweet Chili Goat Cheese2

Sweet Chili Goat Cheese

The stuffing used here is a new product that Trader Joe’s recently introduced: Sweet Chili Goat Cheese. It is my new obsession. I’ve put it on and in everything. Feel free to use regular goat cheese or even creamy blue cheese as a substitute if you’d like.

Oil is drizzled over the figs before baking and then after baking, honey is drizzled over them. By using the same spoon, and not washing it in between, the honey won’t stick and will slide right out.

Roasted Fresh Figs Stuffed with Sweet Chili Goat Cheese1

Roasted Fresh Figs Stuffed with Sweet Chili Goat Cheese

12 to 14 fresh Mission figs, ripe but not too soft
1/2 cup sweet chili goat cheese, divided into 12 to 14 small balls
Fresh rosemary sprigs
2 tablespoons olive oil
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 tablespoons honey

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Like a baking sheet with foil.

fig flowers

Cut the figs cross-wise from the top, about halfway down each fig. Gently separate the quarters to create a flower-like opening.

Place a small ball of goat cheese into the opening then arrange stuffed figs on the prepared baking sheet.

goat cheese figs

Pour the olive oil into the tablespoon and drizzle over the figs, repeat with the remaining tablespoon of oil, then season with salt and pepper. (do not wash the tablespoon)

Top each fig with a rosemary sprig. Bake in the oven for 12 to 15 minutes.

Remove and discard the roasted and now dried-out rosemary sprigs.

Roasted Fresh Figs Stuffed with Sweet Chili Goat Cheese

Transfer figs to a serving platter. Then, using the same tablespoon used for the oil, fill with honey and drizzle over figs, repeat with the remaining tablespoon of honey. Garnish figs with very small rosemary sprigs or just a leaf or two for each.

Serve warm.

Serves 4 to 6

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1 Sheila { 08.18.14 at 9:46 AM }

Can’t wait to try this and YES! I noticed your hiatus!!! No Linda is like a day without sunshine!

2 dagmar { 08.18.14 at 11:25 AM }

Ditto: I noticed too! and Happy 5th anniversary!!!!! I’ll be seeing the Arizona sunshine this week in Tucson…Can’t wait!

3 Vicki Dickerson { 08.18.14 at 1:43 PM }

Oh This sounds FABULOUS! Can’t wait to try it (and to hear about other things you do with that Sweet Chili Chevre!). Indeed, you WERE missed.

4 Linda Hopkins { 08.18.14 at 1:59 PM }

Aw, thank you Shelia and Dagmar, you just made my day! xoxo

Dagmar, enjoy Tucson, bring shorts and a swimsuit… it’ll be HOT in the Old Pueblo!

5 Betsy { 08.18.14 at 4:06 PM }

yes you were missed !! look everyday !!

6 Linda Hopkins { 08.18.14 at 5:03 PM }

Thanks Vicki and Betsy, you know how to make a girl feel loved.

7 Marissa { 08.18.14 at 5:22 PM }

I want to eat these!

8 Vicki Dickerson { 08.24.14 at 6:29 PM }

Oh man, tried this one tonight and it is CERTAINLY a keeper!

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