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2 ingredient recipe

I saw this “recipe” on the stories of one of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram, Cottonstem. If you’re on Instagram, I highly recommend you follow Erin. She is adorable, down-to-earth, extremely talented and creative.

Recipe writers and developers never include the simple small pantry items in recipes when they say things like “2 ingredient recipe,” so I’m not going to. You will need cornstarch, but I’m not counting that. Ditto with the tap water. And since you can eat this with a fork instead of in sandwich form, I’m not including the bread in the ingredient count either. All’s fair in love and cooking!

Connor’s such a baby in this photo from 2006. He’ll be 29 in 2 weeks. What!!!

Connor came over to make me dinner on Mother’s Day. I pulled a bowl of this chicken mixture out for him to sample while he was chopping and dicing. He loved it and said, “Dang it, this is better than what I’m making for you!” As I type this, while he cooks, I can’t say if he is right or not. All I know is that I will love what he makes for me no matter what it is! Just having him here is all I need. Marissa and I connected on Facetime. All a mama wants is to see or be with her babes on Mother’s Day. The best gift is their love and presence.

Peperoncini Chicken Sandwiches

  • 4-6 chicken breast halves
  • 16-ounce jar sliced peperoncini peppers
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • Hawaiian rolls

Place the chicken breasts in an Instant Pot. Pour in the jar of peppers with their juices.

Turn on the Instant Pot to the “manual” or “pressure cooking” setting and adjust the time to 30 minutes.

Once the pot has released its steam, open the lid; use tongs to remove the breasts to a plate, no need to remove the peppers, although some will come along with the breasts, no problem either way. Shred the chicken, it will fall apart easily. Turn on the “sauté” setting.

Mix together 1/4 cold water and the 2 tablespoons cornstarch and add to the pot, thickening the liquid into a nice sauce.

Turn off the pot and return the shredded chicken, stirring to coat.

Pile the chicken-pepper mixture on Hawaiian rolls and enjoy.

Makes at least a dozen sandwiches

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1 Alvin Otter { 05.11.20 at 9:47 PM }


2 Linda Hopkins { 05.12.20 at 5:18 AM }

Thank you, Al.

3 Bonnie { 05.12.20 at 8:16 AM }

Linda, would this work in a crockpot?
Looks so yummy!!

4 Linda Hopkins { 05.12.20 at 10:03 AM }

Hi Bonnie,

Absolutely! Set the crockpot on high for 1 hour 45 minutes, check the chicken and determine if it needs to cook longer or not, once cooked through, continue as directed with the shredding of the chicken and thickening of the sauce.

5 Marissa { 05.12.20 at 7:19 PM }

I am sure Connor’s sandwiches were delicious! This looks yummy though!

6 Shirley { 05.14.20 at 11:52 AM }

Thank you! I am going to make this in my crockpot.
Looks wonderful.

7 Linda Hopkins { 05.15.20 at 7:45 AM }

Shirley, my dear friend, Lisa, made it in her crockpot and it came out perfect. Tried and Tested!

8 Bonnie { 05.31.20 at 8:18 PM }

Tried the recipe tonight. So yummy!
I shredded the chicken in my Kitchenaid using the paddle and it was perfect! I’m sure you know that trick. Easier than forks.
Thanks for your blog and HBs,

9 Linda Hopkins { 06.01.20 at 7:19 AM }

Hi Bonnie, That is a great trick! I use it on pork, which is such a pain to shred. Thanks for sharing!

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